Who IS Max Keiser? Is he for real? Or just another controlled opposition provocateur again?


Max Keiser and Moncef Cheikh Rouhou on France 24



The big question I have, is, “Why do the PTB allow him to speak truth to power, like he does? Why do the Bankster-controlled Western Mainstream Media invite him back, again and again?” Of course the more well-informed among us realise that a few interviews with Max Keiser is not going to change the situation to a “lily-white” financial system. That would be one without usury. Forget it! Pandora’s box can never be closed again.

That’s one reason why the Globalists are trying to destroy the Muslim world via imminent WW3, because they just can’t beat the much more righteous Muslim banking system, which forbids usury. The Muslims aren’t yet fully under the control of the International Banksters, and their global central banks. (That’s why they killed Saddam, and now try to kill Gadaffi too.)

So WHO is Max Keiser. He refers to 9-11 being a hoax, he exposes the “black boxes” of non accountable controlling banks, even the controlling nexus, the Bank of International Settlements, and shouts very loudly about their perfidy, blackmail, “financial terrorism”, theft from taxpayers, “unconscionable huge bonuses stolen from taxpayers”, the IMF causing trillions of dollar global debts, their “economic hitmen”, which are the same people as Goldman Sachs, and other Wall Street banksters. He is permitted to rake them all over the coals. Why? But he doesn’t mention the Rothschilds, the nexus, who control the Bank of International Settlements.

Max promotes a gold standard, to turn back the tide to some kind of “honest free and fair, entrepreneuring Capitalism“, because he “loves his USA and its Constitution.” In that respect, he’s a Rhino, as he should realise, in all his expertise, that that is not the way the World is going at all!

The World –inevitably– is gonna go Socialist, a global Socialist super-state with a One World Currency, whatever that is going to be based on. The Euro? Special Drawing Rights? Or gold, silver and commodities? We shall see.

That’s why some people say that silver and gold will keep on rising, until it eventually gets to the point where it can’t rise any further, when the World’s bankrupt economy will have reached its true value equilibrium. Then, some pundits expect not a bursting of this “bubble”, but the rise of “some new paradigm!“–Whatever that will be? A new kind of digital economy? That is what the Bible predicts in the Book of Revelation, called the “Mark of the Beast”, a mark in the right hand or forehead, to buy and sell!” Voila!

I hope Max is for real! I hope he  really is concerned about America, as Jim Rogers seems to be (he left!), blaming the real culprits for holding the world ransom, threatening the US with a crash of the system if they don’t agree to the bail out! Or is Max allowed and hired to speak truth to power, to do this “damage” for some sinister purpose?

Another baffling fact about Keiser (and Stacy!) is their very vocal support for largely discredited “Man-made Global Warming”, that is right up the Globalist alley! But by the majority of the alternative press, (even some mainstream media) AGW is correctly perceived as just another Globalist plot to organise a New World Order via “Carbon Credits!” AGW is also rejected by most honest, non-corrupted, non funded scientists who have no “Gaia water-melon” green/red international-socialist agenda. (See Wattsupwiththat.com).

But here is one of Max’s latest headlines:

Welcome to Mars you AGW denying freaks

Max also supports “peak oil” –of all things– which is another antiquated point of view in alternative circles. But perhaps he is only good at economics, while being pretty lousy in Climate Science and Geology. It’s possible! Perhaps he really is a sincere, honest, but still a deceived man, who tries to rock the boat in hopes of changing … the world? (Just as I wrote this now, I immediately somehow doubted this view of him.)

Max is a great actor! He was even playfully “nominated” as Greek president, or finance minister of Greece! He is quite popular with the undecided activists in Greece, (Not the Commies!) who seem to like him and his exposure of the facts that the bankers foisted all those Greek debts on the corrupt Greek politicians, who let the innocent Greek people foot the bill for the bail-out of the Greek government, which was tricked into that by Goldman Sachs and their ilk.

KeiserMax Keiser doing stand up comedy in 1976 with Jerry Seinfeld

The Greeks, emboldened partly by Max and Stacy the brave “American Economic Crusaders“, are now rioting for their survival and protesting their corrupt political Judases, trying to stop Papandreou from  selling off their country and its assets. That’s what is going on right now. Max & Stacy weren’t really able to stop that process. And unless the Greek Military would–by a miracle of miracles–decide to pull off a coup in favor of the Greek people, which is highly unlikely seeing their Colonels’ history, Greece will be an enslaved nation for sure. Greece is definitely not Iceland.

So what is this odd couple actually accomplishing with all that publicity, freely given to them? Russia Today, European news outlets, Iranian Press TV, even some American TV programs! If it wasn’t for all that publicity the system gives them, he would never have gotten so instantly famous.

I don’t have the full answer, from the horses’ mouth, obviously, but I am sure that lots of people have similar questions about dear Max & Stacy, this largely gullible couple. Who are they really, and what are they really up to. I just put it out here for discussion, to see what other people come up with.

But come to think of it all, the more informed among us know, that the real One World Government– Not this American based NWO, which is bound to die, “the Beast wounded by a sword” (war) — is foretold by the prophets to rise from Russia! We also know that it is going to be a red, socialist kind of international governing “Beast“. And Socialism “happens” to be also the mainstay power behind all these riots and revolutions that are spreading all over the globe.

And so as all loose ends are beginning to come together now– as they were undoubtedly planned that way!– we see them slowly coming together; The International Economic Crash, World War 3, spreading Famine, and Nuclear crises all over the place (Stuxnet?), and climate disasters (HAARP?), and… “spontaneous” global people’s color revolutions. And this is where I think maybe Max comes into the picture. I hope I’m wrong.

Is he some kind of funny, pseudo-activist? HE may be a kind of economic provocateur and catalyst, aimed mainly at the European Socialist-leaning young people and intellectuals, which are being provoked right now to grow these European and worldwide “Summers”, as well as Latin Summers, and possibly also the coming Chinese, and Thai summers, as we see from Tony Cartalucci‘s well sourced articles.

Is he perhaps just a hired clown to stir up these multi-colored peoples’ revolutions that are to demonise and ditch the American-based Corporate Fascist NWO “bad cop”, and by default–as there is no other alternative–fall to the Russian Super-state “good cop”, with this newly cool Russia Today Media station, which suddenly began “telling the truth?”

It all reminds me a bit of Radio Luxembourg during the fake Hippie Revolution Days during the Sixties, which was the European beacon of change in those days, all the while staged and produced by the Tavistock Institute, if you didn’t know it. That “cultural revolution” of the sixties was as fake as a three dollar bill, but it sure changed the cultural landscape!

I hope I’m wrong, but please do share your thoughts in the comments, but this seems to be the way my mind is leaning right now. He may be a likable, friendly provocateur, but none the less, a provocateur for the Powers-That-Be!

(Max you shouldn’t have deleted my anti AGW comments on the Keiser Report. It started to give you away a bit! But I’m impressed, you really play the part well. I don’t know if Stacy is in the know. She seems to love you and your antics anyway. Ha!)

But, come to think of it, if this is true, why would you want to be a provocateur for those evil banksters and their eventual Socialist Russian Global Superstate, anyway? I guess you must believe in it. Well then, tough luck, because, that too, is doomed to defeat, according to Ezekiel 38  and 39! But that is not politically correct of course.  🙂

Here is a link to Jeff Rense’s Radio Interview with Texe Marrs, conservative Right Wing Christian, wondering whether Max Keiser is obfuscating Zionism and therefore is a gate keeper. I wonder myself, I don’t agree with everything these two say, yet there are some revealing points. Draw your own conclusion!

Here are some Anti Global Warming comments from under KEISERREPORT.COM’s AGW attack debate of poor, deceived Stacy Herbert who wants to debate against MONCKTON?! Ha! Suicide!

deepsoulradio | July 1, 2011 at 8:26 pm |
– Monckton (despite the eyes and otherwise questionable political positions, his ability to site self-contradicting IPCC paragraphs and subsections is worthy_
– Corbyn (b/c if you’re a helio-physicist then you must be cool)
– Michael Coffman (Global Warming or Global Governance? Good flick)

– Ms. Stacy
– any KR guests who support AGW theory
– someone from WWF
– someone from Greenpeace
– someone from Climate Babes
– someone from NASA
– someone from the World Bank
– someone from the IMF
-someone from the IPCC
– someone from the Pentagon
– someone from Al Qaeda

silver bullet | July 1, 2011 at 8:09 pm |

im going for climate change and lord munckton.. global warming is a bit disingenous.. the earth is cooling .. so STACY MUST USE THE TERM AGC.. climate change covers all bases.. since there is no overall warming.. the sun is going into a maunder minimum again.. but who cares about AGW, AGC or whatever the elites are gonna make the whole world into Greece..so Stacy better have some food stored and a plan.. when were all starving it wont matter.. especially gold and silver.. you cant eat em

marigoldsforfrogs | July 1, 2011 at 7:40 pm |
400 ppm co2 is normal ambient outdoor level.
5000 ppm co2 is unhealthy
50,000 is dangerous to animals…
12-15 ppm….gnats farting in a blizzard.

TJ | July 1, 2011 at 7:45 pm |
Who’s the impartial editor for this gig?
Bruce | July 1, 2011 at 7:46 pm |
Can I be the official Denier t-shirt vendor at the event?

marigoldsforfrogs | July 1, 2011 at 7:54 pm |
max-if you wanted to see her getting whipped you should have come to me! i’ll do it for half the money! )
Seriously- i couldnt stand to see a poor little woman getting beaten like that… did you say it was going to be a snuff movie?

Youri Carma | July 1, 2011 at 7:34 pm |
CO2 Contributed by Human Activity: 12 to 15ppmv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYLmLW4k4aI
luke Boshier | July 1, 2011 at 7:37 pm |
snow in Brazil
European American | July 1, 2011 at 7:37 pm |
As AU & AG sputters and falters, bullish MK diverts the kids attention with AGW? WTF?!?
How much are “they” paying you, MK? Have you been threatened? Maybe SHs?
Something ain’t quite right here. Too many Fuel Fleas clogging the system? I know deep down you both are good people who want to do the right thing, but why take it in this direction?

Steven Rowlandson

This might come as a surprise for the global warming crazies out there but the fires in the south west are burning in an area known for hot dry conditions because its a desert and it is summer. Hello! Wake up people and smell the coffee!
We have more snow on the mountains and it is staying longer and we are at the end of an interglacial period and that strongly suggests an ice age is on the way. When it becomes obvious you will pray for global warming to save you from starvation and frost bite.


Max and Stacey live from Amsterdam, live from Iceland, live from Paris, live from Athens, live from Cairo, live from anywhere around the globe. You got some solar-powered plane to take you everywhere? Oh, but this is for the a good cause isn’t it? well well…


ummmm…hate to bring it up, but remember that little thing that happened back in the 1930′s called the……..wait for it……….THE DUST BOWL??????? For goodness sakes….look it up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_Bowl



According to a news story, if global warming continues, in 20 years the only chance we’ll have to see a polar bear is in a zoo. So in other words, nothing is going to change.



Insult your audience into submission Max… Just yelling that everyone with a brain is a freak does not help. Talking about Mars: why is Mars (and the other planets) heating up? that must be AGW too? Or could it be the sun?



Hey, why don’t you call Alex an AGW denying feak, next time you’re on his show… should make some interesting radio….


Mervyn King

It’s called


The only freakish thing is your inability to do some basic research into La Nina and weather pattern and then consider that we just had the strongest event for years.

Try broadening your horizons, open your eyes and read a bit about the other side of the argument. This is pretty basic – but has some interesting ideas:

@Max and Stacey, How do you define AGW? I think there is something to HAARP, Chemtrails, and GMO’s but I think the rest of it is BS (like emissions tests on cars).

The elites have always had a similar cause over the course of my entire lifetime (i.e. the overdue ice age of the 70s, the ozone hole in the 80s, then the rain forest deforestation of the 80s. How about a meteor slamming into the earth and killing us all; remember that?) Now we have man-made global warming. Do you see a pattern here? There’s always something so big and scary that it’ll kill us all if we don’t hop on the bandwagon and start passing laws to combat it immediately.

Also, if AGW is real, then why did the elites build their doomsday seed vault in the artic? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svalbard_Global_Seed_Vault

How will paying a “Carbon Tax” to the UN fix all this? Why did Al Gore, the poster child for AGW, buy a multimillion dollar beachfront property?

The polar ice caps on Mars are melting: http://science1.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2003/07aug_southpole/ Is this AGW too? (of course not)

There are too many inconsistencies with the AGW position to be hurling insults. Hell, 2/3′s of the planet is under water and only 1% of the sea floor has been mapped (mapped =/= explored). There is also lots of wilderness, all over the planet, that hasn’t been fully explored. Who knows what else is out there?

What about Climategate? They’re own emails showed they manipulated and doctored the data and then blacklisted the legit scientists who refused to go along with the scam. If AGW is real then why did they falsify their data?

There is clearly insufficient data to form a legitimate conclusion. There are too many other factors; we could not have possibly considered them all.

Steven Rowlandson

Yes I suppose I am a liar because I listen to trained scientists instead of trained sheeple and politicans and their pet media. Perhaps it would be a good thing for those who call me a liar to suffer frost bite and starvation while believing the politically correct political establishment. It might just get them out of the gene pool.
I’ll take the word of a cliamatologist and other real scientists over environmentalists and politicians any day. Also today for the first time in recorded history the ski resort on mount washington is opening up for skiing on Canada Day.
I am expecting shorter and shorter summers and the eventual developement of new alpine glaciers as things progress in the near future.
The global warming crowd need treatment for normalcy bias and ice age survival training I think.

Steven Rowlandson


Who started the global warming thing ?
Maurice Strong a man of fine reputation now wanted by Interpol.
Who backed him … Rothschild.
Who will control the carbon trading ?
Who will benefit from UN Local Agenda21 ?
Who wants a globalised Marxist state run by the bankers, gangsters and crooks you go to such lengths to expose ? Does anyone else smell a rat ?

NoEffingWay Maybe those who believe in this AGW nonsense could set an example by not jetting off to every nation experiencing turmoil. Until the example is set, you’re just another Al Gore bullshit profiteer.

MirrorMirror @NicAbbo77 I’ll said it many times , but I’ll say it again : M&S only do this AGW sh*t to keep the post-rate up on the website .. good for statistics. I contribute the occasional post on this subject just to make sure the sheople don’t buy it. Alex Jones doesn’t need this, and clearly disagrees with Max.Only yesterday, his guest mentioned that the planets are all warming… which I knew anyway , but nice to hear the truth spoken.
If M&S are serious BTW … then I think that either they have an Agenda ( sponsor ), or are simply plain ignorant on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Who IS Max Keiser? Is he for real? Or just another controlled opposition provocateur again?

  1. I just found your website; fascinating! I have mostly the same sentiments that you express throughout the material presented. However, I think your understanding of Putin, Russia, the NWO order in relation to Russia, etc., may be colored by a lack of information of Russian history, past and present. The Orthodox Church there is either completely unknown in the West or misunderstood. It is a living presence that combats any elitist currents that have popped up over the centuries. Putin, (hopefully?), is being truthful when he proclaims a real connection to this faith and tradition. We shall see. My Orthodox friends in Russia have an unusually enlightened view of world events that mirror your own. (disclaimer: I am an American convert of 32 years to the Eastern (Greek, Russian, et al) Orthodox Church from the Protestant persuasion).
    Anyway, I think you would find it very interesting in your Christian life to look into Ancient Christianity (deeply, into the roots of all present-day Christian paths). Your section on ‘Ancient Patriarchs’ tipped me off to that interest….altho it also includes ‘ancient Matriarchs’ in the early church!
    Take care,

    • I am sorry that I do not share your confidence in the Orthodox church. The Orthodox clergy was heavily infiltrated by the KGB (Putin) in olden times, and it probably still is! They were reporting on the believers to the authorities. I have no beef with sincere Orthodox believers, although I am not into all this formalism and institutionalism they like. I am not into Putin worship either. He might be working for the same powers who did the Russian Revolution, who acc. to me are still in charge there, inspite of Stalin’s nationalism that was reined in by the bankers before and during World war 2. (Search ‘red symphony’)
      Thanks for your comment

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