The Final Battle of God’s Children First Spiritual! Then.. the Final Take Over!

BattleTheodenLOTRThe Last Battle is about to be fought. The Battle of the Spirit against all the silly isms! The philosophies and theoretical constructs that have damned Man and prevented him from returning to their very Creator. He that sits in the Heavens shall laugh when He sees their day is coming.

Man thinks that he can save him self with all his politics and false religions, and philosophies. Man wants to be his OWN Saviour! Just like the Jews have said, “Israel is its own saviour! We don’t need a Messiah!” By their own words they are condemned to be lost without God’s help. But the rest of the world as well.

They are like the Orcs in Tolkien’s work ‘The Lord of the Rings’. They are the haters of Man and God! There is no remedy for these fallen angels! They’ll scurry like rats into the craggs, caves and dens of the Earth in that Last Day when they’ll behold His grim face. They will even abandon their silver and their gold in that Day of the Lord. It won’t do them anymore good then.

The Day of the Lord is a 24 hour day. It will be dark and gloomy when He will reveal Himself to those who said, “Where is the promise of His Coming? All things continue as they always have!” As the Darwinian Uniformitarians say “there never was a Flood. As things are now… they have always been! The present is the key to the past! There was no global catastrophe that wiped out Man around 2400 BC.”      Ha! How wrong can one be! God is a God of His Word!

IsaidIwouldChildren of God! Arise from your social trenches and rise up to the occassion. You are needed to deliver the last message of Salvation to the millions of stragglers around the world; Those who have the ears that can hear, those who have the eyes that can see! But let the dead bury their dead! And let the Blind lead their Blind, for they will both fall into the ditch they dug for themselves.

These are the last days. This is the Last Time! Now the mystery of God shall finally be revelead to them, at that final day! Though they clamoured for God to show Himself, they will not expect it when He does, nor like it! He shall come like ‘a thief in the night’ for them who have not discerned the Signs of the Times! Have you?

God’s Children are called the Peacemakers, they who are trying to restore peace between the creatures and the Creator. But they don’t want Peace! They want War with Him! They don’t like Him! They don’t like His Love for them! They don’t appreciate the deep sacrfice He personally made for them, to come down as one of them, and be sacrificed as a harmless little white lamb.ly5on-baby-lamb

He even went so far as to pay their debt! To pay for their sins! But they don’t appreciate it. They don’t believe they are sinners.They have deluded themselves to think they are guiltless, and have done nothing wrong. The marxists have deceived them by their psychology to think that it was not their fault at all, that it was the conditioning of their parents, their upbringing, their society, their conditions, that were to blame. They have absolved themselves from all sins. Smart but futile.


As Jesus said to the Pharisees who asked Him, “Are we blind also?” He answered them, “IF you were blind, you’d have no sin! But now you say you see, therefore your sin remains!” Smart answer! They think they see, but are as blind as a bat.

Yes, my fellow children of God. We ought to lay aside every weight and sin that encroaches upon us from this filthy world, and gird up our loins as a man, to fight the last battles of the Lord. We are called, we are chosen, we are the last generation, the ones who freely elected to love Him.

We are under orders! Go into all the world and show and tell the Gospel to each and every creature! No more time to sit around in church. Onto the streets, Christian soldiers! OUT into the highways and hedges, children of the King! No more sitting around doing our own thing. Forget all the preachers! BE the preacher! The preacher of LOVE!

And please don’t be the preacher of spurious doctrines bound to confuse the sheep. But be the preacher of the simple salvation, the simplicity that is in Christ. THAT’s what the uninitiated need to hear! For God so loved the Gays, the Lesbians, the Straight, the Muslim, the Socialist, the Anarchist, the Liberal, the Reactionary, the party animal, the computer gamer, the silly housewife, the money crazed materialist, theconsumer. EVERYone of them needs the Saviour!

So it behooves us all to lay aside all our “christian” infighting and creating divisions within our own ranks. HEREBY shall all men know that we are his disciples, IF we have love one to another! Do you? Do you have love for the deceived Jesuit? For the traditional Catholic who didn’t yet personally receive Jesus? Do you love that Zionist Christian regardless of all his self-deception that the dry tree could ever bear fruit again?

Preach Jesus! Preach free salvation! Preach Him crucified! We have no time anymore to sit around and watch Youtube after Youtube with strange and contradictory doctrines. We need to put on our jackets and shoes, armed with our Bible, tracts and Gospel missives, and meet the needy, face to face!

Compel them to come into the Kingdom.” Compel them with arguing? No! Compel them with all your care, concern and undeniable love of the Holy Spirit for them. Force them with your perennial smile, and the wonderful words of loving care from His Holy heart that sacrificed Himself on that cruel cross!

No more time to sit in a pew, or to stand there with your arms spread out praising Him to soft soothing New Age sounds and yearning pleas for “closer intimacy please!” It is time for WAR! A war of love and winning words to get out there among the lost and save them.

Are you one of His army? Are you a fighter for the souls of men? Jesus said unto him, “Come and follow me, and I will make you fishers of men!” And are you fishing with a bare hook of the Law? Or do you bait it with the sweet love and kind mercy of Jesus and understanding of their lonely plight, as fellow sinner who was there before? How many did you catch for your Lord last week? That should be an interesting question to ask yourself at the end of the day.

May God bless and guide you into new paths, into new alleys, new highways and new hedges, to seek and save that which was lost. That’s what Jesus did himself? He wasn’t above it! He hoofed the roads and trod the dust. Are you willing to follow in his literal footsteps? He was a Street Christ, busy most of the day-light hours, then “partied” with the wicked sometimes deep into the night, and got up early to seek His Father before the busy day began again.

I hope you will. I hope I will!
I hope we all get off of our butts.. now!



PS: This was a great message in an OK song for that time, but someone ought to re-do it, with a better singer and newer track. But in the eighties… it was great and all they had to work with!


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