Europe Ready to Make LINKING to Websites Illegal; NWO Locked & Loaded

SauronTowersEyenotppThe TPP will close down internet freedom! It is all picking up speed. The New World Order “is spreading like a green bay tree” (Bible) and we shouldn’t worry about it, because it also brings closer the return of our most famour Man in History, Lover, Lord, Creator, and Saviour Jesus Christ! And BOY oh boy… are the Antichrists going to be surprised.

3They say that about us now, “Are they going to be surprised when we hound, jail and kill them. But we won’t be. Jesus said we would be. We are spiritually ready to suffer, BUT they are not for their just dessert that is coming. As transhumanists, they can only dream they are going to become “immortal” in their decrepit old bodies with stem cells and genetic engineering, hoping to find the source of eternal youth. In that respect they are just like the old Greeks and Egyptians.

Who wants to live forever in this decrepit old world? THEY do! ‘Cause they just can’t believe that there is another higher beyond-material spiritual world out there somewhere, where we go, and from where Jesus is going to take over this planet at His soon coming! He says, He will come like a thief in the night! For THEM! To retribute them for their cold heartless evil genocides, infanticides, homicides, all their destructions, killings, maimings, lying, deceiving, etc.

But for us He will come like our Great Glorious Husband coming out of His Chamber, aroused like as with wine, as a strong Man ready to run a race! Are you ready for Him? You will be, IF you have received HIM in your wicked little heart, and obtained forgiveness of all your sins. THEN are you ready to enter that World, when you depend on HIS righteousness instead of the filthy rags of your own, as the Earthlings do. Children of God! Rise from your graves! Enter into the JOY of thy LORD! Hallelujah!

The ramifications of linking to information is the end of ‘fair use’ of copyrighted material. And the end of circulating … truth. So do it while you still can, for the night is coming when no man can work! (Jesus)

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