New True Ancient History Site to Discover the Mysteries of Human Origins

I-capitalf you ever had questions about Ancient History! Like.. if you ever wanted to know…

  • Who was Cush?
  • Who was Huang Di (the Yellow Emperor)? Or
  • How was ‘Da Yu’, the “tamer of floods?”
  • Did giants really exist ?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Were they related to Cham (Ham) son of Noah?
  • Was Zeus, the same guy as Osiris and Mizraim?
  • Did a Pteranodon get shot in the US Civil war in 1864?
  • How old are the pyarmids?
  • Is Carbon dating possible beyond 250.000 years?
  • Why are there so many Bronze Age sunken ruins, towns, structures?
  • When were cattle grazing in the Sahara?
  • Why were there no deserts before 1500 BC?
  • How & why did Sumer arise from nowhere?
  • How come 700 ethnic groups & civilisations have a global flood narrative?
  • Why did ancient Greeks adopt Egyptian gods?
  • Why were the Sphinx & Giza Pyramid eroded by water?
  • Did Jomon Chinese & Japanese discover South America?
  • Who were Fuxi and Nuwa and Shen Nong Shi?
  • Why does history “science” ignore old European chronicles?
  • etc. etc.

Then visit our Ancient History sister site of ‘Paradise Productions” today, click here or on the picture below



4 thoughts on “New True Ancient History Site to Discover the Mysteries of Human Origins

  1. I visited your blog using both the links that you sent me, looks really good! The links to this article don’t work though, just takes you to Host Gater.

  2. On this article it says – Click this or on the picture! – well I’ve tried both but it just takes me to HostGator error 404 page not found so nobody’s gonna find your lovely work. Thanks for the freebie, I’ll try that.

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