Our Comment at Activist Post Promotion of Darwinian Hancock’s History, so-called!


I follow your blog daily and admire your guts to spread alternative news. Nevertheless… You are presenting Graham Hancock as an alternative historian, whereas he actually is still a mainstream historian, still promoting the paraplegic paradigm of Neo Darwinism, promoted and sponsored by the British elite during the 18 hundreds! Hancock also promotes the fallacy of a 12.000 BP (before present) or older Ice Age.

Hancock’s mind is made up to ignore all the submerged Bronze Age ruins, megaliths, constructions found below the waves all over the world. The fact that these constructions are Bronze Age proves that they were submerged recently, just before or around the time of the “Bronze Age Collapse”, also a direct result of REAL Climate Change that took place after 1500 BC which caused the catastrophic flooding of coastlines all over the Earth.

These submerged megaliths and buildings are found in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Lampa Dusa near Malta, in Spain near Cadiz, of Palestine Atlit Yam! Megaliths identical to those in Peru are found under the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi and Napa City. A fortress here in Taiwan lies off Penghu island, and of course the structure near Yonaguni of Yomon times, not far from here!


Then there are Bimini Road in the Bermudas, some ruins off of Cuba, off the coast of modern Dwarka the underwater ruins of old Krishna’s Golden city Dwaraka, which his friend Arjuna saw being swallowed by the sea! Then we have ruins of Kumari Kandam, and the submerged Rama’s bridge that once connected India with Ceylon Sri Lanka.

Bridge-RamaIndian Prof. S. Rao, –heavily persecuted (naturally) for his views by Indian Leftist who don’t like to support his true Euhemerist view that myths contain much historical truth, has been doing succesful submarine research finding items and pottery that date from similar pottery of 1500 BC! That pottery is not from 12-15000 BC, as Hancock likes to promote because he is a Mainstream Darwinist.

homo_erectusHancock –in spite of massive dissent of intellectuals all over the world!– still believes we descend from stupid cavemen and Simians instead of much smarter, taller, ancient patriarchs whose accomplishments we still can not replicate, like the Giza pyramids and megaliths found all over the world, proving there was intercontinental ship travel long before 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. A fact also suppressed by Darwinians as ancient sea travel disproves cavemen those knuckle dragging stooping morons with an IQ of 27. (Stooping of course because they ostensibly came from monkey primates. Hello?)

ZeusWomaniserNot only that, but these earliest patriarchs lived so long that they outlived their great grandchildren who therefore falsely concluded that they “had the gift of immortality” and were gods! Yet fact is that Zeus (Mizraim founder of Misr – Egypt is still called Misr today!) is recorded to have died on the island of Kreta at the age of 700 acc. to Islam writings.

HuangDi-YellowEmperor1-201x300HuangDi, the 2300 BC Yellow Emperor of China, lived 10 to 17 generations after the much older Chinese patriarch Shen Nong, yet he is recorded to have been his friend and his pupil! How can that be, except Shen Nong lived an awful long time. And the list goes on with Cush, Atlas, Neptune (Naptuhim son of Misraim acc. to Genesis), and all ancient patriarchs that lived after the much maligned Global Flood, though recorded in over 700 narratives from all over the world from every tribe and nation and civilisation!

We are forced -due to free open-source knowledge available via the internet – to accept alternative conclusions about our ancient past! And it is about time that we should not be looking to so-called historical authorities who falsely believe they have an edge on us “laymen” because they have written huge popular tomes. It is time to get a fresh look on our distant past, not of some mythical Ice Age of 10-15000 years ago, but one that recently melted around 1500 BC.

And that is actually the very reason why the Pop historians on History.com, National Geographic, BBC, and UFO TV, (those ones who want to relocate Evolution OFF planet to patriarchs in outer space! Yes! Even Dawkins!) are not as enthusiastic anymore to report about submerged ruins, since they got a note on their desks to stay away from reporting on them because it had already dawned on the handlers of MS Media that these reports would disprove those way too old Darwinian ice ages. Who says the system doesn’t work. This comment will cause some wolves to howl of course, yet “the truth is out there Neo!”


There was an Ice Age from around 2300 BC until 1500 BC when it melted an caused a 125 M. (300 ft.) ocean level rise in a very short time, not only of the Black Sea, but of all places mentioned before, plus Doggers Land, Freya’s land, Land of Sunda, Land of Mu, Kumari Kandam, and many former islands in the Aegean Sea, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, named after the great astronomer Atlas!

KumariKandam2AtlasAfghanistanHadda_2King Atlas of Atlantis the thallasocracy (sea Empire) inside and outside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), was a son of Japheth (one of eight survivors), or Pra Yapethi son of Satyavrata the Dravidian Noah, also named Manu the Indian Noah and his Seven Rishis (8 survivors), or Nüwa of the five kings and three August sovereigns (8) even though the Chinese Noah got turned into a girl after Sima Zhen!

The submerged Bronze Age ruins are the greatest proof of a recent Ice Age, otherwise we would have to falsely conclude that Krishna and the Bronze Age reached back to 12000 years ago, as some are already saying, refuted by the pyramid dating of 2300 BC and the Indian Dwaraka pottery of 1500 BC.

The only reason that Earth had an Ice Age at all, is simple hydrology 101. The oceans were 10 degrees hotter after the Flood caused by the sub-crustal Fountains of the Earth of Super Critical Water that found a crack in the crust. The hot Flood caused more evaporation which led to more clouds and more rains, and of course more snow in the Northern hemisphere which packed into Ice caps on land at least a mile thick or more. That is why the Piri Reis map shows Antarctica without snow. It was based on an old source map drawn by Atlas and his people before the snow hit there.IceAgeWheather


There is no other feasible reason for ice caps on land other than more snow. Freezing of the Earth would not cause snow caps. Only more clouds do. But without marine warming the clouds would only cool the Earth.MammothHall

The huge Mammoth in the historical living room is the Global Flood of around 2400 BC. Quackademia denies that Flood recorded in the 2 KM deep rock layers below our ubiquitous feet and in 700 global narratives. They do not want to talk about it, nor about Atlantis & the submerged islands and ruins, because they prove a recent Ice Age and they all disprove Darwinism, and that will not do of course. The greatest lie in history has to be sustained by their massive daily Darwinian programming of the gullible masses, in every TV show, newspaper, and nature program!

I hope you will report on alternative history in the future, by eschewing the Darwinian Media take on it, as so many intellectuals have had the guts to oppose it already. Sad to say very few alternative news websites seem to have those kind of guts. Of course the mainstream media will continue to spread the fallacy that the Emperor is wearing superior fine clothing that only smart people can see. But the little boy was brave enough to say out loud that he was butt-naked! Ha! Will you?

Please enjoy some true history of the ancient patriarchs at

Kind regards

Lu Xian Taiwan

Check and see from here, if they already posted my comment or ignored it!


IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE WRONG DATING, WATCH THE INTERVIEW WITH GRAHAM HANCOCK AND RANDALL CARLSON. Hancock keeps repeating “12.800 years ago” and talks about “dinosaurs becoming chickens!” No wonder the Elite supports him.


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