Planet X Nibiru & Blood Moons JUST AIN’T SO!

Nibiru-PlanetX There are scientific cover-ups, but these two are not! Zechariah Sitchin’s Nibiru (planet X) actually covers up real Sumerican writings. Doesn’t mean that there won’t be signs in the heavens, the sun and the moon!

BloodMoonsHageeAnd we posted THIS before — the scientific run downs! — on the effects of the Shimitah Blood Moons. Being a Christian does not mean that we throw out the scientific baby with the wind of very doctrine bathwater. We desperately ALL NEED MORE discernment! Especially if the theories come from rabid Zionist Christians like HAGEE!!!! Do your research folks!

If we are not scientifically trained it pays to listen to Christian scientists that are NOT blown about by every doctrine, lest we become snake oil handlers and discredit the cause of Christ! Just the fact that we do believe in all the non-politically correct things like ghosts, God, Heaven, angels, life after death, eternal life, Spirit World, Spirit Wars, spirit helpers, SETS US APART ALREADY MORE THAN ENOUGH! We don’t need to make it any worse by adding pseudo science to it or fringe theories without hardly any sufficient proof.

I for one am not a full scale mainstream scientist or professional historian, and am accused of “pseudo” science myself for believing in the Global Flood, Creation of the Universe, table of nations, etc. But then again I am NOT a Darwinist, and ALL mainstream media AND Wicked Pedia AND National Geographic AND, AND bla bla bla, ALL profess that Darwinism is solid science, yet almost half of all scientists will disagree with that paradigm for solid scientific reasons.

So THAT is NOT fringe science, but backed up by logic and reason, and empirical solid research a la Popper! Join us in this solid scientific research and attitude and make a case for SCIENTIFIC Christianity!

Thanks guys! I knew you could. Apart from that you all are doing a wonderful job of spreading a TRUE MESSAGE! GOD BLESS YOU


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