humanistssExtrapolating from the sofar glorious succes story and rapid rise of Secular Humanism, over the last 300 years, tremendously aided of course by the new-fangled genesis of Evolution, our superior philosophy religion & “raison d’être” has managed to create wonderful, self-confident, self-esteeming, self-employed, self-conscious, self-propelled, self-made, self-willed, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-conceited, self-obsessed, self-contained, self proud, self-righteous, humanist, atheist, skeptic, ‘dog-eat-dog’, self-moraliststs! Their—I was gonna say ‘ours’ but of course not as you will soon see— transhumanist future will look something like the following:

After we have rounded up and religiously cleansed our global world society of all those narrow-minded ‘fundies’, who refused to take part in our glorious 666 body-chip mass program to perfect our commercial system, those psychological terrorists who so tenaciously stuck to their archaic and dangerous belief-systems, so intolerant of our normal aberrant behaviours, we’ll at last be conveniently absorbed into the technological internet of things of the future, that is, if this legendary leader of these fundies –this mythical fellow from Nazareth– really doesn’t come back, as we don’t believe of course.

Finally we will all be able to live in our own little cells of cool self-isolation, all of us single and unmarried, having gotten rid of that outdated institution called ‘marriage’, and none of these archaic Christian graces left over, not even from cultural residues around us. Our children are already the most pure generation without any of these hindrances right now, only interested in violent computer-games and already unable to socially relate to each other, let alone the other sex, other than that the little male machos know how to knock her down with karate and kong fu to rape her, that is, if she doesn’t get killed in the process. And if they ever get that old, youngsters now as young as 10 years old are killing others younger than them.

GatesLacingVaccinsAbortionHow fortunate! We’ll finally have a society with limited numbers of these young rapscallions — Thank Darwin!– also due to our 90 % abortion rate, succesful infanticide, Bill’s & Melinda’s lacing vaccins with HCG antigen, and our growing euthanasia of the weak, handicapped, terminally ill, and those who are tired of life, who will be sacrificed for the common good of all, while their organs are reaped for implants for those of us en route to eventual physical immortality!

Praise be to St. Kevorkian, St. Margaret Sanger, St. Warwick, St Sagan, St Gould, St. Goldstein, St. Marx and of course St. Darwin! Praise be to Natural selection, Evolution, Dialectic Materialism, and Transhumanism!

Of course, our humanist legal system will finally manage to globally abolish the death penalty as “deterrent”, as well as forbid every Bible on every continent including the right to pray to this myth of a God. When people DO manage to survive past 30 years of age, due to their incredible talents of martial arts and other survival instincts (or never leaving their homes), IF humans do happen to go to jail, then and only then we’ll allow some of them to read a Bible before they’ll be ‘euthanised’ out of their pitiful schizophrenic existence, their organs donated to the surviving fittest of course! Some of these Humanism surviving fundie preachers will be allowed to at least say some last rites for them, before they die. Some will deserve the guillotine, after all, as their parents were outlawed from disciplining them in the highchair while still young and pliable.

Then, finally, the reign of terror of “sacrificial love” will be exposed for the myth and legend that it was, a mere hangover from Christian Romantic courtiers. Love will be outlawed as a non-concept. All selfish people will finally have “come out of the closet”, thanks to “self-pride” marches and our powerful “self lobby” numbering even openly self-practicing congressmen and senators, and of course our chairman (I mean person!) comrad Obama of course, trained by St. Saul Alynski!

There will be no more closet selfish pigs. Whereas “proud” was once a battered and beaten suppressed type of behaviour, frowned upon by the medieval fundies of these Christian dicatators, now everyone will finally be allowed to be proud.. with pride! “Self” pride marches will at last be a thing of the past, as everybody will freely be able to practice and confess their proclivity to be selfish. Selfishness will no longer be a so-called “sin” but a virtue!

Thank God, I mean thank Evolution and Secular Humanism, for such a glorious future and victory over the darkness of this polite, self-less, self-sacrificial, smiling, considerate, self effacing, humble, Christian Fundamentalism! All that will be over and done with, finished, bye bye forever! Away with Christian darkness! Hail to the light of Humanist Fundamentalism based on the Humanist Bible of the Humanist Manifesto! The glorious light of Man as god will break over every continent in a wonderful dawning of a truly selfish millennium.

No more of that lovey-dovey self-denial and all other archaic shit! Hail to a new era where we will all be little gods and goddesses. We are all the captains of our own souls, bloody, but unbowed to any so-called external authority claiming to Lord it over us. We are gods! Finally WE will have arrived and write our own laws, fabricate our own righteousness, our own morals, and of course not to forget, our own worship!

Everybody will deserve honour, self-respect and worship. Of no one else but ourselves! The Golden Age of SELF-worship! Because; How could anyone worship anybody else? When we are all so busy worshipping our own wonderful, creative, true selves with our golden hearts of Christ Consciousness! Hail us! All glory and praise be to us! Hail MAN! Wow! What a Human race! Everyone so human! Wonderful!

We will finally all have arrived at the top! We will set our thrones in Heaven, as Heaven will be here! Here right on Earth! Our kind of Heaven! Not that driveling selfless sniveling kowtowing to the ONE, and everyone being nice and full of love! Bah! No! Heaven will be US in the center of attention, us being worshipped by ourselves, and we will live like that forever!

As we’ll genetically modify our once human race, we will all become immortal on the stem-cells of our own babies and their young organs, 90 % of which are safely aborted anyway! IF there happens to be a lack of stem-cells, we’ll breed extra cloned babies in special centers so our bodies can be replenished with any new parts whenever we need them!

Besides, who still wants children! Those little pests only play computer games and need to be constantly fed and clothed and scream in the night robbing you of sleep, and then grow up only to abuse and even kill their parents, having no sense of values, life or responsibility.

No, we can only allow the growing of a few for these weirdos that do want to raise them, as long as they turn them over to the state and public school system, as soon as they hit 3, where we can protect our perfect heaven of a society against these little rapscallions, with metal detectors, stun grenades, armed bodyguards & police, armed teachers in bulletproof vests, and bars on the windows and gates, while drugs will be freely dispensed to them as soon as they enter school, being all cool & legal.

It is a bit of a mystery how they will ever learn anything, but at least they are taken care of, while we can comfortably get on with our lives to make our careers! Careers! Yes that is what we will be living for, as many of us do already do now, to gain more material things to make us happy, and gain as much knowledge as possible, so we can keep up our know-it-all attitudes instead of all this “wisdom” diatribe of yore, while all of us will no longer have anymore bosses to report or defer to, all of us being gods now, we will work alone at home at our computers, single without kids, sending in our homework through the internet to our international global industries, and everything will be hunky dory…….

Oh, and I forgot! We will download our selves onto a hard disk to become immortal! the last evolution! Becoming a machine! Praise be to Humanism! WHAT a future! WOW! WE Can hardly wait! How about you!

Power Point Paradise



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