Russian Academy of Science Knew Obama Presidency in 1992 & “Predicts” Hillary Presidency?

Russian Scientists Predict Wild Election Outcome (SEE VIDEO)

This is an apparent “Prediction” according to the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for World Economy and International Relations’ (IMEMO) annual forecast. Well, anyone who has a good memory will recall the interview about Barack Obama: The Soviet Union’s Chosen One (Interview with Tom Fife)  about how members of the Russian Academy of Science (also) predicted in 1992 to Tom Fife and his partners that a Black African Barack would become president of the United States in the future, castigating him and the Americans with him in Moscow then, that the US didn’t or couldn’t imagine a female president! Did they know about Hillary already then too? I wouldn’t put it past them. The Russian “Elite” knows way too many things in the future, for Americans to have any pretense left that their country is NOT run by an International Elite that also STILL rules the Russian Federation! And God only knows what else they really control.

In other words: The real Russian Multi-polar One World Government is already here and in power! It only has to be revealed and exposed in an official manner to the deluded Earthlings in some future machination to make it look like it just happened to come together without centuries of hanky panky. Ha! The socialist frank masons lumi nutties of Zion are not sitting still. Is Gary Franchi in the know too? Ha!

So who is Putin? Just a waterboy bringing us to the well of the last ungodly Empire this world will ever see? Probably. And what will happen to Trump that he will lose the Republican nomination to Rubio? Will he go independent and not be allowed in the debates anymore? Or worse? Or some sudden scandal that will totally disqualify him?

Anyhow anyone in the real know, knew long ago that Killary Klinton was the chosen nominee of the Powers that shouldn’t be but are. And it is all going to the ultimate crescendo and finale of the Last Days of Human self-rule without God. But He is predicted and prophecied to soon take over the Earth and rule it in righteousness and justice and love, as it ought to have been ruled. But until then we are all in for a rough ride on the roller coaster of HIS story!

Why were you born in this time? What role were you supposed to play in this final drama? Are you waking up to your calling and destiny? To stand up and be counted on God’s side? As a witnes to many to save the lost of this generation? I hope so! Because that is all that God exxpects from us in order to help Kingdom come:

To get off of our spiritual butts and start witnessing to strangers to love them into his holy salvation. We were not called to just sit in churches, praise meetings, and cell groups, and worship sessions following some natural managers who think they are doing God’s work by making big “corporations for God!” We were supposed to follow in HIS footsteps!

GO YE into all the world and preach the Gospel to EVERY creature (unsaved human beings are called “creatures” in the Bible. Mark 16:15) and YE shal receive POWER after the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be WITNESSES unto me into all the world! Acts 1:8. What will ye do? Who will YE witness to? Who will YE win to the Lord’s love? The answer is up to YE!

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3 thoughts on “Russian Academy of Science Knew Obama Presidency in 1992 & “Predicts” Hillary Presidency?

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