CO2 Driven Globabal Warming Causes Snow in Arabia, Hong Kong, Taipei

First time snow in Taipei in a hundred years, and first time snow in Kuwait in recorded history. US government forbids its citizens to use woodstoves because it might cause CO2 driven global warming that will change the climate! Look what your woodstoves have done to our wheather in Taipei! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!! Anyway the Global Warmists said that the last couple a years were the hottest on record. Right! That heat must have dived into the ocean depths –in case IF you were wondering as most don’t!– because you and I haven’t felt the heat much.
I like this guy he tries to pronounce Iraq and Teheran Iran the right way, for a chance. Must watch! And if you beleive it is hail, I have a bridge for sale in Brroklyn at a very cheap price. Leave a comment.

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