Warning to Americans @ Coming Crash & How to Deal With it!

In the beginning of his video he explains how he did his research and came to the following conclusions. This year 2016 gold & silver & bitcoin will start rising, supermarkets will be empty, chem-trails will stop for lack of dollars & cause heat waves in the West. Electricity will go off. What to do, how to garden, grow food, and how to be creative to survive over the next few years. The first four years will be the hardest. The politicians and social structure will disappear, and the people will be left to themselves and try to overcome. I can’t say how secure his predictions are, but it is a good reminder to all of us that we need to prepare for hard times. And the greatest way to survive is to be God’s child and to pray and stick close to Jesus’ Family. May God bless and keep us all!

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