Once Free Holland Now Police State Arresting for Pig Hats? Deep State Plot to Morph Into Total Tyranny!


NETHERLANDS: Police arrests man for wearing a pink ‘pig’ hat because it is “offensive to Muslims.” Dutch police are ordered to repress freedom of speech & expression (Magna Carta) by Cultural Marxist Banker State, while illegal aliens assault people in streets, rape girls & children, rob stores & old ladies, behaving like over-sexed savages. All part of a concerted plan to “subdue the peons & peasants!” The West dropped Jesus and is now without divine protection!

As God’s child I do not believe in offending people, but this ridiculous arrest policy by the Dutch regime of someone for wearing “a pink pig hat” has nothing to do with Law & Order! American imposed tyranny is spreading! Even good old “libertarian” Holland is now being forced into this globalist politically correct straitjacket, whereas its Ministry of “Justice” is a lawbreaking pedofile nest where criminals at the top for over ten years got away with framing an innocent farmer for a murder of the Vaatstra girl truly committed by an Iraqi refugee, whom they deported! For details see our other article “When Child Traffickers Rule a Nation!

And why did (and still do) they cover up that murder? Because an Iraqi murder of a Dutch girl would cause more people opposition against their sneaky immigration and mongrelising policy and & anti-sentiments against their nation-wide refugee centers! It is, after all, their “Cultural” Marxist plan to destroy Western Christian culture by mixing it with other cultures and by mixing the people with other races.

This regime’s behaviour is not by coincidence but an internationalists’ agreed upon scheme perpetrated by the blackmailed Marxist political pedofiles in charge of the Netherlands in service to Wall Street Globalists. Can it get worse? Yes! It will! A One World Melting Pot World is on the rise because that is what the New World Order has planned! And Dutch people are getting fed up with this patronising nonsense!



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