“Back to the Future” Predicts 9/11 – Total Advance Illuminati Planning

Still they may have staged it that far in advance, but they forget that God has upstaged them long ago, knowing exactly what they were up to and recorded it in the prophetic predictions of the Bible. Humble men like Daniel, Ezekiel, and John the Beloved wrote of their Satanic exploits thousands of years ago. Will it be evident to the majority of humanity? No! Of course not, because they are not looking for the mystery of Life! Only for money, fame, power and wealth, vanity of vanities, all is vanity.
What are you looking for? Will it last? Probably now, unless it is the Truth, the Way, and the Life! Jesus the Christ Himself, a historical engima that still seems to eleude most people. As many historians said, “He is and was the most central figure of history!” yet most people are deceived by the bad old Devil to ignore their own salvation!

“What shall it profit a man IF he gain the whole world and loses his own soul?” Jesus said in he New testament that very few people read, although there is probably a copy of it in the cellar or cupboard of their home. They are without excuse! (tHANKS Gideons!) So you could have been saved from Hell below by looking to the only saviour of the world predicted in 300 prophecies, and studiously ignored by the ignorant Darwinian steeped masses. Dumb or dumber? You decide! But watch this video and be amazed but not spell bound by the Illuminutties! They will soon be crisp ashes under our feet. Jesus said so!


BackFuture9-11On October 21st 2015, “Back to the Future Day” came and went as internet memes do, but it left an enduring mystery in its wake. Fueled by ’80s nostalgia and a need for topical click-bait, everyone from the Washington Post to Comedy Central zeroed in on a YouTube video that lays out a truly bizarre set of coincidences connecting 9/11 to the time-travel comedy classic Back to the Future.


While this attention thrust the fringe into an unsuspecting mainstream audience, it was met by an overall sense of confusion. Was this another in a long line of conspiracy videos or was this a parody of them? Even though I thought I was one of the ones who “got it,” after interviewing the video’s creator, Joe Alexander, I realized how incomplete my understanding was. I learned more about his full vision for the project, as well as a number of details he was unable to cram into the already dense film. If Joe’s video left you confused, intrigued or inspired, go further down the rabbit hole with these two back-to-back interviews on the 42Minutes podcast:


The first was recorded 3 days before the video went viral. The second is a follow up conversation, recorded 3 days after, discussing the fallout and the details everyone missed.


Source: http://disinfo.com/2015/11/back-future-predicts-911/