Alex Jones More on Target Now Than Many “Alternatives” Believe or Are Themselves!

AlexJonesJones is no shill, Vatican assassin, or disinfo anymore or any longer, if he ever was. To me he smells like a real concerned patriot, some kind of believer in Jesus, and even tuning more into Doug Hagmann, ex-law enforcement turned conservative Christian pundit, and doubting — although not saying it — Jessie Ventura’s unfortunate possible bid to run as Libertarian that would split the potential Trump vote and play into Killary’s luck.

[Killary sure is Lady Luck! Pray against Lady Luck that her luck runs out and her into prison. And if Sanders becomes her vice pres that would be bad.]

Am I into American elections? Yes & No! If you are anything like me we know that we can’t stop the bastards but we can sure try to slow them down! Watch this first.

Whatever these critical spirits have against Alex Jones, they need to realise that his channel is many times better than watching FOX or CNN or BBC! And that they should be thankful that some channel is exposing the darkness, even if only partly. And they need to realise that if he would expose it completely, his channel would be shut down like my website is, or dead like JFK, RFK, JFK jr., John Lennon, MLK, Hastings, senator Wellstone, senator Larry McDonald, and all the Christian martyrs!

So he is at least using some wisdom lately, and he is trying to tone down his maniacal side that is costing him the viewership of people like us who can’t stand his histrionics. I don’t know who he thinks is waiting for those temper tantrums. Perhaps some typical red necks with mental problems? Ha! [of which they have so many there] Perhaps he thinks it is cute, or something, to make himself look like a fool! Or that such dramatics would entice people into his viewership? If it does, it would be the wrong kind. Ha!

The fact that he is trying to tone down his theatre, shows in more sane people being willing to be interviewed, associated, and aligned with him. Pray for dear Alex for his temper! His crew acts more sane them him. It is hard to smash bad old habits, — as we all know — when he gets hot under the collar. And remember also that he is under attack of the forces of evil, as we all are, as God’s children.

abugraibAll that to say though, I don’t believe America deserves a “knight in white armour” to save their country, because there are some 50 million American babies in Heaven who may not yet be ready to forgive their formerly prospective parents for cutting short their chances to save the world for Jesus, and neither are the hundred million or more of their mostly innocent war victims in history waiting in Hades or in Heaven ready to forgive the insensitive hard-hearted superior-attitude American people who think they are God’s gift to Man.

The chickens are coming home to roost and its time now for Americans to pay the fiddler for all the death dances and genocides and murders they have committed and allowed in many other sovereign countries around the world.

bush_supportersBUT the biggest sin of Americans is what the Word of God calls that they have left their love for God and become a willing whore for their merchants, and joining Israel in its blasphemy against Christ while believing the preposterous Scofield Bible lie that they are the chosen people? You see that is the problem with America, they have elected to be part of the false Israel, and according to God’s Word they will both be destroyed together for their joined sin of awhoring after other gods.

And THAT is what revelation 17 and 18 is all about. And Americans -including Jones – don’t seem to be able to wake up enough out of their evil stupor to see that fact.

tankwacoRussia didn’t have as much light and doesn’t know the Lord as America once knew Him. But Americans have been more Antichrist than the Russians ever were! Why? Because the Russians hardly knew Christ that well!So how could they have been that Antichristian?

So that bodes very bad for Americans. That is why God’s word says to God’s real children, “Come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins nor of her judgments.” Rev. 18:4. But who will listen to such advice. Only those who would have the right motivation to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature instead of bombing them to smithereens. May only the true missionaries leave the mess behind.DSC00397-1There was an article in the New York News with a manual or guide on how leftists, Marxists, and “liberals’ could leave the country in case Trump would become president.




You see, God’s children are not supposed to be fleshly patriots, because our Home is Heaven, our country is the KoG, Kingdom of God! And if we have any other alliance in this evil world than that… you are off-centre! That’s why I can’t understand “Christian” patriots. There is no such thing! When I gave my life to Jesus, I forsook my people, my country, my nation, as it is almost as unrighteous as the US. My allegiance is to Heaven that is coming on Earth! Thank God!

godisnotamericanOur fealty should be to New Jerusalem Above, the Mother of us all””and to nothing else in this world. He that loveth father, mother, children, or fatherland more than me is not worthy of me. Think about that for a while. You are not even to put your fa mily above the Word and service of God, let alone a piece of land or a culture, or a wicked nation you came from. And as far as God is concerned ALL nations are wicked as Hell, and in danger of the judgment and Hell-fire.

parris09   flamewaco For as it was in the days of Noah, SO shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man! Not just by water this time, but by fire for the West and the Wrath of God for every other 666 nation under the sun. And that is not a pretty prospect. Lord help us all.


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