Global food supply headed for era of collapse and starvation… must-listen Home Grown Food interviews teach self-reliance, food preservation and more… playing NOW

by Mike Adams
NaturalNews) With Venezuela now suffering severe food shortages and facing a daunting food collapse with widespread starvation, people are waking up everywhere about the importance of growing your own food. I’m the creator of the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System that grows food with no electricity, no soil, no weeding and no motors or pumps. I’ve also delivered an extraordinary interview on food self-reliance as part of the Home Grown Food Summit that’s running right now, each evening this week.

Registration is free, and the summit features groundbreaking interviews with some of my own heroes such as Geoff Lawton (I watched his entire course on permaculture), Ty Bollinger (the Truth About Cancer producer), Nathan Crane, Sayer Ji, Ronnie Cummins and many more.

Right now the world is headed for a global food catastrophe due to floods and droughts, soils erosion, the collapse of marine ecosystems, the systemic failure of GMO crops and the rise of invasive superweeds due to agrichemical contamination. We all exist right now on the verge of a collapse in global food production like humanity has never before witnessed. Those who survive best will be the people who know how to grow their own food, save their seeds, preserve their harvests and propagate plants.

This amazing Home Grown Food Summit from Marjory Wildcraft delivers all those answers and much more. You’ll learn amazing food wisdom, tips for food planting, harvesting and preservation, plus the truth about the coming collapse of the global food supply. Because this summit is completely FREE to attend, it’s a can’t-miss event that will empower you, inspire you and quite possibly help keep you alive when it all hits the fan.

Even if you don’t believe that our global food supply is headed for an era of crisis, growing your own food can save you a small fortune in grocery costs. You’ll produce ultra clean, better-than-organic foods right at home using the tried-and-true techniques delivered by the experts in this summit. Grocery store produce is nothing compared to fresh, vibrant, enzymatically active home-grown produce! You’ll eat healthier, more affordably and wiser after absorbing the treasure of information found in this Home Grown Food Summit.

Don’t miss this one. It’s running right NOW… register here to attend!


One thought on “Global food supply headed for era of collapse and starvation… must-listen Home Grown Food interviews teach self-reliance, food preservation and more… playing NOW

  1. Great vid! My son is a professional grower using hydroponics, he’ll be super interested in this. Thanks for sharing!

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