Is Donald Trump the Huey Long of 2016? Did he arouse the same Wall Street “Left” Enemies?

HueyLongMassesThis is a historical comparison, and hopefully it won’t go the same violent murderous way of the High minded Heady Proud Bankers’ Deep State Fascist War Monopoly Complex, as it did in 1935. Only slight difference with Trump is, that Trump is one of the rich! Where as Huey was a little guy who climbed up.

Huey Long (1893-1935) was Louisiana’s legendary populist Governor, U.S. Senator and favorite son. Poised to run for president on his Share Our Wealth platform, Long was assassinated in 1935 at the age of 42. Long was revered by the masses as a champion of the common man and demonized by the powerful as a dangerous demagogue. And he was shot by who? A brainless manipulated little dupe of the Bankers!

Short story is – at least it has been these last 100 years — the Bankers will not allow a populist to rise anymore, since they used Hitler — as a populist — to demonise Germans and destroy Germany, and to demonise populists! Now whenever a populist comes to the fore, he will automatically be called a “Fascist” as we see right now –that convenient little Marxist term for anyone that does not support Globalism. Smart no?

And now anyone who will rise to represent and do the real natural will of the people — the so-called silent majority — will be termed a “Hitler!” In other words, a “Hitler”is anyone the Bankers do not want, allow, kill, or sabotage. And so all nations in the Western world are subjected to the blackmailed money-hungry politicans that do the Satanic bidding of the establishment.

Now understand me well. This is a not an advertisement for Trump. I doubt if Americans are good enough — a la Alexis de Toqueville — to really deserve a populist “saviour” like Huey, who would save them from the bankers! That would be the first time since Andrew Jackson! See our other post about Americans taken for a grandiose ride?

AmericasJOBAmericans have been far too interested in money and power dreaming their American Dream turned nightmare, and not enough about all the millions of poor people around the world in independent sovereign countries where America had no business whatsoever, where they were screwing them over. So Americans are very guilty of murderous apathy, or whatever else you want to call it, and God holds them accountable for their looking the other way.

Example: The Americans in 1940 didn’t want to listen to the voice of the Lindbergs and Father Mc tralala on the radio (forgot his name) who in a very civilised Christian way tried to warn the nation, until he was reigned in by the Judas Catholic Church, and so Americans were accountable for getting into that unnessecary world war 2, that — surprise surprise & contrary to popular opinion! — Hitler didn’t ever want. Corrupted banker boys Churchill and Roosevelt wanted it, for the Rottenchilds!

Hitler merely wanted to destroy Communism and save Germany! “Mach Deutschland great again! Ja wohl Aber es ging nicht mehr. Es war zu spaet fuer das.”

Ha! Jes kiddin. They’re going to call me a Hitler loving fascist now, whereas I am A Jesus loving “peacemaker to be called the Children of God!” and I have no political hopes for anything anymore other than the coming of Christ. But that will not happen with Dieboldt voting machines! Ha!

And it probably is zu spät for America as well, as they are now rapidly taking on “Babylon the Whore” attributes to be hated of all nations, and for their real Christians to be persecuted by the Devil’s henchmen. A dry-run for the Great Tribulation of all of us Christians in and for the entire world! The sour ending of history’s awful symphony by the climactic grand return of Jesus Christ.

Europeans are somewhat guilty too. For their apathy and apostacy! A little bit less perhaps, as they didn’t have as much light from the Gospel and were forced and strong-armed by the Americans and its NATO henchmen, and Gladio, the Tavistock institute, and the godless mainstream zionist media, etc. They didn’t stand a chance! Anyhow no one really stood a chance to see through the perfidy performed upon them when Western gentiles were as gulllible as they were, even though they had no reason to be gullible, if they had read their Bible, instead of listening to all the paid-off preachers.

Few really know what Trump’s agenda really is, other than Trump and his cronies or if he is fals opposition, the globalists know what he is chosen for. Who else Knows? Is he designed to split the Republican vote? Or is he designed to take over the American people for Israel in a more evangelical theocracy way. A fascist religious dictatorship, also supporting Israel. Because Americans are now f*cked by israel into subjection, and the public has been so brainwashed, that you can’t become president or whoever in America if you don’t bow to the wailingwall with a kippa!

So who knows. But the parallel to Huey Long is interesting. Read on from his website…

My voice will be the same as it has been. Patronage will not change it. Fear will not change it. Persecution will not change it. It cannot be changed while people suffer. The only way it can be changed is to make the lives of these people decent and respectable. No one will ever hear political opposition out of me when that is done.”

Huey Long, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, March 5 1935

They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen.”
— Huey Long

Presidential Candidate

Huey P. Long for President button

Huey Long speaking with reportersHuey Long was poised to run for president in the 1936 election against Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had risen to national prominence with his “Share Our Wealth” program, which swept the nation as the Great Depression worsened. Meanwhile, FDR adopted some of Huey’s ideas in order to “steal Long’s thunder,” while simultaneously moving to discredit him.

Huey Long speaking with reporters.

Courtesy of LSU Libraries Special Collections, Baton Rouge

By 1935, Huey’s Share Our Wealth Society had over 7.5 million members in 27,000 clubs across the country. Long’s Senate office was flooded with thousands of letters daily, prompting him to hire 32 typists, who worked around the clock to respond to the fan mail. As the nation’s third most photographed man (after FDR and celebrity aviator Charles Lindberg), Long was recognized from coast to coast simply as “Huey.” One national poll found Huey to be the most attractive man in America – ahead of Tarzan.

Follow Long! sheet music

To Roosevelt, however, Huey was “one of the two most dangerous men in America.” (The other was Gen. Douglas MacArthur.) Roosevelt sought to undercut Huey’s clout by putting Huey’s enemies in charge of federal spending and patronage in Louisiana. He ordered unproductive investigations by the Internal Revenue Service and the FBI into Huey’s finances and other dealings. Huey was also the subject of the first nationwide political poll, used by the Roosevelt campaign to assess how great a threat a Long candidacy would be to the President’s re-election. According to Democratic National Committee Chairman James Farley, Huey was polling up to 6 million popular votes and his appeal was nationwide.

Huey Long's home in Shreveport, built with the legal fee from his largest case.FDR also moved to deflate Long’s appeal by incorporating some of Huey’s ideas as part of the Second New Deal, a more liberal version of his Great Depression reforms. For example, the Social Security system reflected Huey’s proposal for old-age pensions, the Works Progress Administration mirrored public works programs begun by Long in Louisiana, and the National Youth Administration reflected his student financial aid proposal. Other initiatives championed by Long and implemented by FDR included the National Labor Relations Board (rights of unions to organize, minimum wage and 40-hour work week), the Public Utility Holding Company Act (regulation of public utilities), the Farm Security Administration (assistance to farmers), and the Wealth Tax Act (graduated income and inheritance taxes).

My First Days in the White House

To prepare the nation for his upcoming presidential bid, Huey wrote My First Days in the White House, the reflections of a President Long after his first 100 days in office. Written in 1935, the book was published in 1936 after Huey’s assassination.



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