Slip of the Mossad’s tongue! We did the London Bombing

The Mossad expert has a freudian slip as he says, the bombing we did in London! Well that is not the only proof. The Mossad warned Nethanyahu — who “happened” to be in town that very day — before the attacks took place, which prove fore-knowledge of the event. They didn’t warn the British government or British people who suffered death adn maiming. And there was an exercise going on the very same day.

The very same thing happened in Paris recently where the Mossad warned its people of the impending attack, and also at 9-11 when the Israeli chat service Modigo warned all Israelis to stay away from the World Trade Center that day. But nothing ever changes in this rigged world, because who is going to bell the cat? Everybody is afraid of the Jesuits! Ha!


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