Pope, Anonymous, RT, China, GOP, Killary, Mainstream media & their lapdogs ARE ALL AGAINST TRUMP! Strange bed Fellows

media_pied-piperPP Editor: The New World Order Illuminati Media Matrix is FREAKING OUT and uniting globally to stop Trump. I guess they don’t like them. he must be a threat to them. Even Anonymous! “WE ARE ANONYMOUS” is not BOYCOTTING Killary Clinton. I guess Anonymous is part of the New World Order! But SO is RT and Russia and Putin, and China’s Xi, and every Tom, Dick & Harry! They are all in it together.

media-bias-honest-journalism-1And the dumbed down public? They are lapping it up and believing it. The majority of humanity is just not very bright, and are cooperating with their slave masters to fall down and worship them and their master Stan the Devil! It should wake up some deceived Children of God.

Well Jesus warned us, that the deception would be so strong, that, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE! — even the ELECT THEMSELVES would be deceived. So it seems there is o hope for the hoodwinked masses, and they will also be turned against God’s children eventually, and we will be hated of all nations. Jesus come quickly! Must watch! I guess they want the Bush empire and their cronies the Clintons and Obama!


Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves the Matrix Is Real

media_propaganda_by_trosiousHave you noticed? The media has actually created a magical “news bubble” around us like a mythical rainbow unicorn where nothing else is happening in the world besides what would appear to be all-out WORLDWIDE anti-Trump propaganda spewing from every corner and crack of the planet, as if American citizens live in a tiny box where the only news that’s happening right now is how evil, horrible, and hated by the Establishment, world leaders, movie stars, etc., Trump is. (Which, by the way, just makes everyone want to vote for him more, so if the plot is to destroy the GOP so Hillary takes it, then bravo, it’s working.) The propaganda is so thick, if you watch it too long you might go blind.

The fact that these same reporters across the country on both sides of the political aisle and even across the world in countries where America’s presidential elections shouldn’t matter can sit up there on TV and find it within themselves to pretend to be shocked and outraged by Trump’s rhetoric now, as if that’s the worst possible thing in the whole world that he… says… WORDS…

matrixWhen they sit up there night after night and pointedly fail to care about our so-called leaders ripping our constitution and bill of rights to shreds and destroying our country in every way possible while drone striking thousands of innocent civilians in unconstitutional offensive wars without due process as they empire-build across the Middle East is beyond laughable… it’s quite possibly all the proof you need we really are living in the Matrix because this simply cannot be reality.

MassDeceptionIt’s just like the Simpsons episode where the billboards come to life and try to kill us all… the only way to stop them is to look away! And somewhere, something important is happening right now that actually matters unrelated to Trump and the faux election. In the meantime, we don’t blame people for getting behind Trump because for those who haven’t quite fully grasped yet just how purposefully rigged this whole system is, this situation is a huge wake up call to how corrupt and horrible everything has become around here. It looks like people are actually waking up.

Media-fox-huntNow please don’t misunderstand. I am not for Trump. I just think that Hillary is worse! But I think America deserves Hillary! And we will all get World war III, Because the world seems to deserve that. Sad to say! I hate war! But there are just not enough peacemakers in the world. Jesus said, “BLESSED are the PEACEMAKERS! For THEY shall be called the CHILDREN of God!

Are you? You are, if you have Jesus and make peace with God and your fellowman! Will you?

FABER: Clinton ‘will destroy whole world’


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