1981 Movie Predicted Current Creeping Paralysis Zomby Predicament. (Answer?)

QUOTE by Gary TruthKings — A scene from the 1981 movie, My dinner with Andre, is stirring up social media this morning due to the following scene which has one of the main characters explaining how the world is making us all both prisoners and guards. In essence, it claims we are building our own prison camps willingly. This sends chills down my spine. It simply hits too close to home. MUST WATCH!


Governments have been controlling us for a couple of decades at least. They use the news media as their voice to persuade. They use reality TV as their sedative to put us to sleep. We are no longer awake. We stopped paying attention. And we’ve now become prisoners and guards, we’ve built our own camps. And now we can hardly escape them.



Proof that the News is Scripted

But Remember!

The only ever way to wake up out of this manufactured media dream is what! NOT David Icke! NOT the Gnostics! NOT the secular humanist atheist Darwinians. NOT a university study! NOT a trip to Fiji!

The only way is, to get in touch with your Creator! Yes! The one who coded your DNA, decided on 2 arms instead of 8 as a an octopus, and two eyes instead of many like a spider, one stomach instead of three like a cow, not such great eyes as an eagle or a hawk, not such springy muscles like a cat, so you wouldn’t excel only with your body. Yeah, that One, who gave you the smartest mind in the physical Universe, not to waste on quackademic studies for a degree that still won’t give you a job, but to figure out that we are NOT alone in the Universe. I am not talking about aliens with bobble heads. No! The invisible ones, like angels, cherubim, ghosts, and the Son of God, and God the father! yeah! That one! The one that is being ignored by the mainstream media. What do i say.? The one that is being maligned, persecuted, denied, ridiculed by atheist Zionists, and dim Marxists, and Wicca adepts, and Luciferians at the very top. Yeah those that do the bidding of stupid Stan the Devil!

Why oh why do you listen to these voices of stupor, who clamour (whiney voice!) “down with religion!!”

Wake up! Death and Hades are daily at your door. Your time is always ready, said Jesus to his brothers who also didn’t believe in Him. But to you who are sensible enough to believe, He says,

“Look here. I stand at the door of your heart! If anyone hears ny voice and opens the door, I (Jesus) will come into him and dine with him, and he with Me!” (Rev. 3:20)

Why don’t you ask him in. Just say, “Jesus come into my sinful little heart and forgive me, plase give me your gift of Eternal Life and the gift of your self. Help me to love you and love others, in Jesus’ Name I pray! Amen.”

If you did that? You have not to worry anymore. Just trust that he will guide you through the rest of your life,… and cut your TV cable! Will yOU? Smart boy! (girl)

Love ya!


And HERE, download some of our food for soul powerpoints! You might like them!



Facebook’s New “Online Civil Courage Initiative”



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