Xenophobia? Weasel Word of WallStreet’s Cultural Marxism to Destroy Christendom?

brock_chisolm-quote   Why do they let them in? Why DID they let them in. So many years ago! Because the pedofile politicans, blackmailed by Mossad & CIA, are doing the Bankers’ bidding. And what is that? Destroy Europe as national entities to fit better into their One World Disorder!

And so Merkel, and Hollande, Cameron, and all the others, supported the official version of 9-11, which was done by the Rockefellers, Mossad, and the CIA, to blame the Arabs, to blame the Muslims, and to take down 5-6 countries that were against Islamic radicals. Why?11040949_1037978582909518_4901654301953166189_n

StupidStanWhy didn’t they support their own puppet Sadam Hussein of Iraq whom they installed there? Because they need a religious World War III. The Bankers want a war to destroy the three main monotheistic religions, so they can install their New World Order One World Religion, a melange mix of watered down creeds ruled by New Agers like that Jesuit Bergoglio in Rome, and their Lucifer, Stan the Devil!


18012015 STIFFY S.pngYou see, “the monotheistic religions HAVE TO GO!!!” How? By destroying their reputations in the eyes of the “normal man in the street”. Joe blow who reads the Daily Morror will not understand such an article as this. He will blame those ‘Mooselims.’

Well let me tell you. Normal Muslims, in those countries attacked for years by Israeli forces from America, UK, and France, their puppets, are and were rather normal people that are not radicalised, as the ‘Mooslims’ that were imported by the Marxist regimes of Europe to destroy Christian and European culture! Like, for example the “Mooselim Brotherhood”, since the 1930-ies, Wahabbi and Shi-ite Mooselims have been set up, recruited, trained against each other by the Secret agencies like Mossad, MI5, MI6, french secret service, etc. Khomeieni was sitting on ice for decennia in France until he came in handy to overthrow the Shah!

Also in order to create their religious World War III, they need to divide the world religiously to conquer it in the long run. And so don’t obey them and become a Muslim hater. We are supposed to love our ngeihbour and our enemy even! Not to hate them! Jesus said, LOVE your enemy!

And I tell you most Muslims were not our enemy, but now after  the West has destroyed their men, woemen, and children, and homes, and towns, and cities, and infrastructures, and more, they are beginning to wake up and hate the West. Can hardly blame them. Can you! So don’t be stupid voicing your opposition to Muslims.

Please be smarter than that, as a wise Child of God, and realise the game the Devil is trying to pull all of us into. Hate the warmongers! No matter what their religion is. Evangelical warmongers or Jihadi warmongers. What is the difference? Both are murderers. Like Hillary and Hagee and John McCain! And you want to support the troops? God help you! Jesus never said that! USraelDivisonIslamChristAnd guess what. In a few years time, they are going to do the same thing to Christians, to Christianity, to radicalise them, to make them dangerous in the eyes of John Doe and John Smith, who don’t know any better, and therefore it behooves Christians to be aware of that trend.

So you don’t think that the Mossad, the CIA, and MI5 and MI6, and the French cannot infiltrate Christian groups and churches and radicalise them? Perhaps not most of the Christians. But I tell you there will always be some who will fall for the radical violent style like this Norwegian nut Brevik who called himself a Christian and killed some 70 Marxist youths in Norway!

There will always be some “Christians” who don’t read their Bibles and don’t think it is our job to be peacemakers, as Jesus told us. And what will they do? They will go for the sword like silly Peter, whereas Jesus said to put it down and He healed the servant’s ear that Peter had cut off. Jesus warned us, “He that lives by the sword, will die by the sword.”

So they are going to have a hard time to transform the majority of Christians into violent radicals, because of the nature of Jesus and the nature of His faith and teachings. But there are always some idiots who just don’t read the Word and don’t pray! And guess what…the same happened to the dumb Mooslims!0_94c8c_5aa79f94_L

And who set them up to it? Or in some cases gave them the weapons, and backpacks, and gave them a role to play,as in the London bombings? And they weren’t even on the train that exploded from under the floor!, because they missed that one? Right, the Bankers security services. The CIA-Mossad, — who was in town that day — the MI6 MI5 and they staged the whole thing, and framed these nice innocent Moslim fellows as patsies. For what? For the greater good of the New World Order!

And they did the same in 9-11! There were some muslim patsies staged and set up and framed, and they were impersonated by pork eeating, whore-mongering Mossad agents, and 9 of the eleven socalled hijackers were still alive after they supposedly had flown into the WTC towers and Shanksville. But the media didn’t want to talk about that!  And thus the sordid song of state terror goes on.

3DKbMXDAnd now it is 2016 322 March 22, and they knew who did it in Paris, and he was known to the French security forces, but they never nabbed him! Why? Because they were going to need him, to stage and set up a false flag attack that now has cost the lives of 35 innocent people, like the 3000 innocent people in the WTC and the planes. They need these patsies, to carry it out, or to be in the right position, to be blown up and to be blamed as patsies always are! Why?

Because the bankers need terror! They need to beat the bushes to move the dumbed down public to go into the global direction they want them to go! And so they scare them half to death. That is how the wildlife rangers do it in Africa with the wildebeests. Or New Zealand flies helicopters on top of wild horses and drive them with terror into the widlife reservation. Do you wan to live on a globalist reservation? Listen to that music. Spooky

And what can we do? Not much anymore. Because the majority of the public is so propagandised that they believe that it is all only planned and organised by the Mooslims, where as it was produced, directed, and stagemanaged by the Bankers secret services. And now it is coming to the point that if you say that in some countries’, the police will visit your home and take you away, as they did in Communist Russia for the bankers.

But it is very important that God’s people are awake and have their lights burning. Not only spiritual and their lamps full of oil, but wide awake and not ignorant of the Devil’s devices, as the Word tells us. Because YOU wouldn’t want to run the wrong direction like some wildebeest under a terrorising helicopter to the reservation. Would you? You don’t want to take up guns, you don’t want to go the wrong thing. Why?

Because Jesus warned us 2000 years ago, that the deception would become so strong, that “IF IT WERE POSSIBLE. the very elect themselves would be deceived.” Do you want to deceived? Or do you want to be saved when Jesus comes? That is the real question.

Well, if all the Christians would stop listening and watching the IDIOT BOX, and stopped reading the gutter press, the Daily Mordor, etc. then we would be getting somewhere. BUT I haven’t seen it yet, not in the majority of Christians.

My goodness, most American Evangelicals are so deceived by the Zionists that they support genocidal Israelis because they are the chosen people? They support Israel’s wars. Why! Jesus never told us to support wars or warmongers, or believe they are chosen by God? Much less to fight them in countries where we have no business whatsoever! What were you smoking! I think I know! False doctrine poison spouted by false Zionist teachers like Hagee and Pat Robertson, and their other Pharisee ilk.151011-yahya-hassan

And so we are all freaked out now, because the police is coming for everybody, even the innocent majority, because “either you are with them, or you are with the terrorists!” Well I am neither with them, nor with the terrorists. I am with Jesus. How about you! And I love my neighbour as myself, even normal Muslims. I lived in muslim countries long enough to know and realise they are no problem, and I never had any trouble. Now things have changed, thanks to the Western Powers that Shouldn’t BE!

The Wahabi trouble-makers are the ones that lived in Europe a long time and were radicalised by Mossad agents who spoke perfect Arabic and could quote the Koran! And now they are inviting as many as they can into Europe and lose track of half of them, and even give them weapons, and train them! For what? For genocide, my friend! Christian genocide, coming during the imminent Crash!

GandalfWhiteSo don’t be an idiot like blackmailed Hollande, Merkel, and Cameron, and all other shady politicans who are playing along with this sordid game of blame. PRAY! BE CONVERTED, call out to the Lord and ask Him to save you, your family, and your country, because they are on their way to total servitude total slavery to these Luciferians. But we are on our way to the promised land! And try to witness to those Mooselims! And the Muslims too! We are not afraid of them? We love them! Be saved, be enlightened, be on the Lord’s side. he is coming soon. Hold onto your crown! Receive Jesus today! The Wedding is called and is near. Don’t be left outside. He loves you!

Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport

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