Press TV: Telling The Truth About AIPAC, Jewish Political Lobbying And The Fate Of The West

And do you think for one moment that I trust Press TV to be a non-aligned objective non Zionist entity? Nah! They are not an Iranian state channel. They are commercial and where there is merchants involved it is probably also controlled opposition — if you know what I mean!  But remember Israel is just the Bankers’ attack dog. They will ditch their “lower brethren” without a second thought, as one can tell from Albert Pike’s Satanic 3 World Wars plan, where WW3 is supposed to result in mutual destruction of the Muslsim Arabs and Zionist Israel! Christians are more merciful to them than their very own elite. Israel was the tool to subject and enslave America and Western Europe through blackmail and pedophilia. Think Savile! But what most people don’t realise that this entire movie maybe directed by Zionist Money Jews, it is ultimately produced by our Creator God who uses the Gog-Magog dichotomy as a balancing act to keep the world alive until Jesus comes to save Creation and His children. Until then… lets make peace! And we shall be called the Children of God!


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