US Judas Media Blackball Infowars’ Alex Jones’ Trump Election ‘Line in the Sand’

Last elections they jilted Ron Paul and if there was any “line in the sand” then, things went by hardly without a hitch. The dumbed down Americans just swallowed their demotion and went on life as usual. So what makes Alex Jones think that things are going to be anything different this time, when the Establishment and their Judas Media are going to jilt Trump? Oh maybe they get a hundred thousand people in that city Cleveland to protest and then they all go home and the Establishment won again!

You know why they won’t do anything more? And go home as quiet obedient pussies?

ONE: Because they are not organised. The only thing that comes anything near to organisation would be some Militia groups (who carry weapons) that could perhaps raise crowds and strikes and continual pressure for people to come out and push back against the system. Even THEN, it isnt going to budge an inch. The NWO is on a roll and they know that most Americans only care that much for hamburgers.

TWO: There is no grass-roots movement with brave leadership that could mobilise masses of people! The ones who do have that organisation and potential are the Judas Media and/or Marxist socialists who with Soros money can recruit masses of masses of dumbed down young Americans to protest, or even riot! But they wouldn’t riot for Trump.

The only thing that came closest to organised grass roots was Ron Paul’s “Love Revolution” movement that had some leadership, but Ron Paul decided not to use it. If there ever was a bitter disappointment in the US recently it was Mr. Ron Paul. God, was he ever a fizzled-out wet blanket. He had the righteous cause, the decency, the potential leadership, plus numbers of motivated young people, but he refused to drive the roller coaster he had called together and created. Paul was Huey Newton in reverse! And do you think for a moment that this Trump flash in the pan is going to be anything different and more than a flash? NO WAY!

Why not! Because Americans are fizzled out. They have lost the righteousness. Divided by the Judas Media, and dumbed down by their Judas schools, they are lulled to sleep by their Judas Media American Idol and all other TV trash, Hollywood, Grammies, and the list could go on. They have hung their harps on the willows. There is not going to be a Revolution, because Americans compared to olden days are now domesticated sissies without any righteous Christian leadership. As De Toqueville paraphrased would say, “They have ceased to be good, so they have ceased to be great.”

Alex Jones is not going to pull it off alone either. Sure they may or even will protest when the GOP pulls the rug from under Trump, but these voters are not going to do anything more than protest… and then they obediently go home and turn on their Judas TV-s!

Sorry, but it is curtain time for America. It has been a long time! If they never protested their enslavement by AIPAC or by the Federal reserve, if they never protested their bamboozlement by Zionist 9-11, if they never loudly refused to go to war with Iraq, or never protested their regime’s support of Syria, what do you think is going to make America mad enough now, after all their capitulations to the New World Order? I tell you what! NOTHING will!

It reminds me of that mocking Judas Media Video that came out in that court TV series, Boston Legal, where the lawyer showed his disdain for and amazement about Americans that they never protested against all these things that they were taken for a ride with, and all the things that they swallowed that their regime served them up with. Americans are brain dead, fluoridated, chem-trailed to subservience and slavery. They are finished and are getting ready for enrollment into the trash heap of history, just as the Romans were finished! Even “the Barbarians are at their gates!”

I could only find the speech. They probably pulled the movie! WATCH & WEEP!


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