Now You Know: Even the FBI Director Covers His Webcam with Tape to Avoid Being Spied On

Is your I-phone a SPY Phone? This is one of the best ways you can keep yourself from being spied upon but it’s just kinda hilarious to find out that the director of the FBI does it too. He knows what’s up. But HOW do you stop all those pesky microphones from recording everything you or others say on your PHONE or computers?

We’ve had sticky tapes on our laptop cameras for years, and on my wife’s smart phone camera, but how do you hide from or mute all the mikes in all the gadgets? Or on OTHER people’s gadgets when they are around! My XP desktop mike is normally muted, but who knows if that is enough? I am not deceiving myself. And I am aware of the dangers. Whether we will be indicted for something we said, only time will tell. The truth is now “offensive.” Well, it has always been!

We noted in 2013 that the most important privacy step you can take is to cover your webcam with a post-it note or something else that will prevent government employees or hackers from recording you.

FBI Director James Comey agrees (from a speech last week at Kenyon College):

Technology and privacy experts – such as the ACLU’s chief technologist, Christopher Soghoian – point out the hypocrisy.  After all, the FBI itself hacks into people’s webcams. You see, it is OK for them to spy on us, but these hypocrites do it all the time on us!

That’s why Jesus promised, “Whatever you have spoken in the dark in secret will be preached from the housetops!” By the Antichrist godless media of course. So beware! BE AWARE!

Jesus also warned, “Take heed! (Watch out) that no man deceives you!” Now the greatest deceivers are the lawless Western governments or should we say regimes, and their complicit mainstream judas media. And they are very cruel. We DO live in perilous times, as Paul warned us abou the Endtime.

Oh Jesus come quickly.


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