Brussels Bombs? Staged Events, Inconsistencies, lies, & Crisis Actors! VDO proof!

We already know London Bombings were staged. See the film the 7/7 bombing, and that the three Muslim boys were staged, that the bombs were under the train, that the boys actually missed the train and weren’t on it, and the lies go on an on, and they were finally murdered at Canary Warf after realising they had been set up. Well Brussels is nothing better. Staged bombings, patsie Muslims known to the secutiry forces long before, and crisis actors galore again, just like Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombing. And why? To get you to hate muslims and ISIS that they served us up with so they can have their World War 3 to usher in the new One World Order. Watch and Weep and spread the news to all you can, IF you are also getting more and more sick of all the connivery and lying judas media and judas governments — I mean terror regimes! And Soros staged and paid for the “refugees’ to invade Europe, armed with free I phones and many dissappearing and being given weapons to murder Europeans for the New World Order to “rescue” them. Europe threw out Christ and Stan the Devil entered their front door. NO protection against evil evil evil! Sad but true! (When will you cut your TV cable and ditch the judas media?)

Location, Location, Location,

Sebastien’s tall Tales. The Happy Painless Leg-Ripped Smiling Victim!

Doctored Photo Proof

Story Time With Teresa Kuchler

Remember To Break The Door On Your Way Out (Brussels Bombing Hoax)

The Metro Hoax crisis Actors

How The Brussels False Flag Hoax Was Proven



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