Woman Apologizes To Elders And Explains What’s Wrong With Her Generation In Viral Video. = an understatement!

AND…This goes mostly for American Millennials…you also don’t care how your god-damned illegal regime is genociding millions round the world in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan Somalia, Afghanistan, Waziristan. Pakistan, and many other places around the world, where you have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER! And you are all gonna pay for it dearly sooner than later when the bottom falls out of your dollar and you will suffer great famines, civil wars at home when the chickens come home to roost. You are shallow, sensitive to the hilt, self conceited, self centered, self absorbed, self self self, and if you don’t change I’m afraid you’ll wind up as devils’ fodder & a lost ghost in Hades for a thousand years. May you heed these words and return by changing  your thinking.


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