Hey! Norwegians! Leave Assad Alone! Hands of Syria!

orway’s plan to deploy its special forces in Syria to train bloodthirsty mercenaries and ruthless ‘moderate terrorists’, to steal the sovereignty to the Syrian people and try to reduce Syria in the same conditions of Libya today. Mission impossible.

Syria denounced the statements made on Monday by the Norwegian Prime Minister on her country’s intention to send 60 special forces soldiers to train what she called “Syrian fighters” under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

such a decision constitutes a blatant and unacceptable interference in states’ affairs and a flagrant violation of sovereignty, security and stability, stressing that it cannot be justified by saying that it’s part of combating terrorism since it hasn’t been conducted in cooperation with the Syrian government.

Syria calls on the international community and the Norwegian and global public opinion to take a stand against such irresponsible decisions that have resulted in the spread of terrorism in the region and the world, with terrorism striking in the hearts of European cities while their governments’ continue to practice imbalanced policies regarding the crisis in Syria and regarding the war on terrorism.

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