How the Judas Media First Cover Up 9-11 Truth & Then Totalitarianism Follows

911-DontCareThe Redacted 9/11 Report – Never Seen Footage.  The ONLY way to defend yourself is to BURY THE JUDAS MEDIA! Don’t WATCH them. Cut your CABLE! Turn on to the alternative media and defend yourself you sluggards. What the Hell is wrong with you. And turn to Jesus Christ to forgive you for the sins that caused all these Satanic inroads. And fight for Kingdom of God’s sake. For the rest is not worth fighting for. Why fight for Darwinism, or ÿour future?”You HAVE no future the ways things are going. And why slave away for money they will repossess and for a study that doesn’t give you a job in this unemployment. WHY not turn to CHRIST! The only one that can save you, me and the rest of the deceived sheeple. Unless they are goatle of course. Sad to say most ARE! They chose to be goatle! How about you? The sheep go into Eternal Life, and the goatle into Hades. Why pick poison.


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