Was Trump – Unwittingly perhaps as Hitler was! – Staged by the Bankers? Very Fishy!

Please watch the gist of this video first, where many websites are saying that this is proof that Donald Trump is sincere! -The real deal! See how many times he was baited eversince the early eighties with, “Why don’t you run for the US presidency?”

I am not saying that he is not. He may very well be the real deal. But there is some fishy factor in all of this. When you watch the video-ed moments all the way back over the last 30 years or more from the early eighties until now, it is almost asinine how many times he got asked ïf he wanted to run for president.”Wouldn’t you want to run for president, Mr. Trump? Ey? Hint hint?” It is uncanny how many times they asked him. Why!

WHAT IF, — and it is not the first time in history that this happened! — WHAT IF he was set up, lured, as it were floating on this inserted desire to save his country, into picking up a gauntlet that was actually thrown at him by some very powerful people? You know right, that it is not the first time that this happened? They totally staged Hitler as well!

Hitler was a total nobody, a failed, though pretty good, painter and WW1 veteran. He was found, coached, groomed by the BMB-s, the Big Money Boys, to “make Germany great again!” Well, that is what Hitler thought too! Hitler didn’t want the war! Hitler held out on the war for the longest time. It was Churchill and Roosevelt, the waterboys for the Bankers, who let Poland commit genocide against millions of Germans, and they finally tricked and cornered Hitler into world war 2 via their proxy. If you like to know the goods on that download David Irving’s book Churchill’s War here!

For crying out loud, Hitler even let all the British soldiers at Dunkirk escape across the Channel! He let them go! Hitler was hoping that England would come to its senses and join him against the Bolshewiks in Russia! That’s what the entire secret peace mission of Rudolf Hess was all about.

waarburgI guess Hitler didn’t realise that the Bankers who fed him a steady money supply which made  Germany “happy and prosperous again” before 1939, were also the ones that made the Bolshewiks “great” again!

Wall Street financed Lenin, Trotsky, and all their ilk, because they hated the Czar and Christian Russia, and had wanted to take revenge on them already for the longest time. And finally in 1917 they had their chance with the “Russian” BANKSTER revolution! The Wall Street Revolution, really. And Churchill was groomed and corrupted with lots of money and blackmail to carry water for the WW2 plans of the Rothschilds, which paved the way for the creation of Israel on basis of the Balfour declaration to cause imminent WW3 with. The poor guy’s last words were, “What a fool I have been!” when he had to go face all the millions of war victims he had caused. Foolish is an understatement. We’ll be surprised in Heaven who was really to blame for all this. And still so many people are holding out in pride to surrender their souls to the Lord. Inconceivable to me.

Hitler was just chosen as the catalyst for strong Germany’s final destruction and its consequent enslavement since 1945. All the banker boys and capitalists returned and took more than they ever had before the war, and eversince Germany was their milk cow which even gave Israel 6 free of charge expensive nuclear capable submarines. Gratis! Amazing. And of course as Norman Finkelstein said, there was no business like shoah business that made the deal makers rich, as many survivors never even saw the money or very little of it. But I digress.

StupidStanThe banker money boys are satanically clever and led by the Devil all the time, or at least most of the time. And Stan — with 6000 years experience! — knows exactly what the world needs to become a globalist totalitarian one world government that he can run & rule via the last world emperor, the legendary Antichrist. Stan as the director knows exactly how to do it, as far as God the producer of world history LETS him though!

But he is allowed to groom someone for a specific job for a long time, as they did Obama. If you are savvy enough about him, you know how Tom Fife an American businessman already heard about Obama from the Eastern KGB branch of World bankery in 1992! SEE: The first time I heard of Barack!

What was Obama chosen for? — To sink the US economy and its international standing further than the Bush and Clinton criminals and Bernanke had been able to do, to get America ready to be “great again?” Ha! I doubt it! Well perhaps for a few more months until the World drops the dollar completely!

Why Do They Want A Trump if They Can’t Get a Killary?

I’m building my case. Why would the BMB-s (Big Money Boys) want a strong populist nationalist in the White House who could potentially save America, while during the last fifty years they have been demolishing it? Perhaps to destroy it as thoroughly as they did Germany? Via some similar nationalist strongman?

Already Trump is being cast into that role by his Leftist opponents and ringleaders who got the memo on their desks! The young dumbed down liberal riff raff Millennials are so easily led by the nose to think that Trump hates people, and is a racist and a fascist. He is not even trying to be a nationalist. He is pretty careful. BUT, his creators can make him anything they want him to be, by creating the scenery and setting the stage as they did for Hitler.

Hitler – wasn’t any worse than Churchill or Roosevelt — and didn’t really want to be a fascist. He wanted to be a statesman to save the germans and Germany from the International bankers and their Bolshewik henchmen in the East who were threatening Europe, while those very Bankers were indirectly supporting him financially via Prescott Bush’s family, the subsequent leaders of the CIA for the Rockefellers!

What IF the Bankers want to lay the finishing touches to the total destruction of the USA as an alternative way to Clinton Marxism which Americans are now bucking against? With good reason. Their star Hillary is now exposed as a dark criminal horse like the Bushes, so the only way to stumble and finish off Amerika would be some kind of nationalist potentially “fascist” leader that would lead it into war AS WELL! Because sure as Hell that war is coming. They will have to go to war when the Dollar dies, to get them out of the hole! War Boom Bust, all over again! But even Trump will not succeed to save America.

What IS fascism other than a totalitarian state led by corporate interests, as the USA is now already really ruled by Microsoft, Monsanto, Big Pharma, the Media, Banking, and Big oil. They rule the roost and pay the politicians! You see when Trump does get into power, he is going to have a hard time with the corrupt, blackmailed, paid off pedofile politicians, even if he is good to Israel. Why?

Because in order to turn America around to “make it great again”, it needs dire revolutionary changes, like Trump has been hinting at, either sincerely or as bait to get in. We shall see which, when he gets in by what he actually does. But even if he is sincere, what could he possibly accomplish? Restructure 17 trillion dollar with an unwilling world? Stop a slide into civil war with Lartial law and FEMA camps?

He will either have a long struggle with the jokers in congress who will do the bidding of their usual masters who will frustrate all Trump aspirations for a stronger economy and his America First policy.
What can he do? IF he really wants to make changes, he will have to by-pass Congress as Obama has been doing with the blessings of the Judas Media. That is why Obama could get away with it. Obama ruled a lot by decrees! BUT if Trump will do that to save the country, he will not be blessed by the Judas media, but will be viciously attacked and of course by congress. So what will be his Modus operandi? Do the same as Obama, rule by decree, ignore congress? He will be thoroughly demonised by CNN and FOX and MSNBC etc TOGETHER!

Then what will a man like Trump do? He will have to become dictatorial as Hitler and even Obama but without the blessings of the powerful, and that is perhaps exactly what they want and are aiming for! A new American Dictatorship just like pre WW2 Germany that ignored the politicians and even jailed them.

You think that the Bankers will allow Trump to audit the FED? Not on your life! They don’t want to go to jail! They don’t want to return the missing gold of Fort Knox, or repatriate the gold of all Western countries including 2/3 of Taiwan’s gold back to its legal owners, because it isn’t there anymore! Only Holland got perhaps 20 % back to Holland and some vain promises for the future.

And do you think that Trump will start a REAL investigation into 9-11 and Sandy Hook, and the JFK murders, and the Oklahoma bombing? You must be out of your mind. They would kill him in no time, if he dared. If he would become a full blown dictator, perhaps he would survive with bullet proof glass around him ALL the time. They could still blow his airplane up.

But they might WANT to kill him and blame some minor fascist with the deed JUST to demonise America and Trump and the American people for being “radical right wing fascist totalitarian anti democratic capitalists!” Because their One World Government is not going to be capitalist but some mild form of Marxism, although led by the arch capitalist leaders of Wall Street!

If that was Satan’s plan all along, as it obviously was for Germany and the rebellious German people, why would it not be for the USA and the rebellious American people? Americans will never fit into a One World Government. And the Scriptures in Revelation bear that principle out very well. America the Whore will be hated of all nations and blamed for what the Bankers have done to them and to the Middle East through them and all the other countries that they robbed and impoverished via their economic hitmen.

No! I don’t see how Trump could become president on just his enthusiasm to save and make America great again. He would have alrady been dead if they didn’t want him. They obviously WANT him just like they chose poor Hitler and the poor Germans to be the fall men!

In the video above you see how all these people asked him why he doesn’t run for the presidency. They look like they are baiting him. Even Oprah, who is nothing else than an establishment whore to do their bidding and set the tone for the dumb Americans.

And so finally he fell for the temptation. remember Trump is not really a Christian, though he may be a sympathiser, he does not have the protection that God’s children enjoy, end even THEY can go ahead to do the wrong thing inspite of the protection. I KNOW!

So, if Trump was really smart, he wouldn’t rush into this trap. He would have stayed out of the mess, for he will have to pay the Hitler price, for that is the only way that America could get out of their deserved doldrums, by some benign dicatorship tht fires all the media and the politicians and bans the Bankers! As Andrew Jackson did! But that kind of government, eversince WW2 Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Hirohito, is frowned upon and demonised before it even takes form or occurs. NO CHANCE, like a snow ball in hell! The world will reject it and him and America as soon as it becomes even a little bit like that, because “it is not a leftists democracy!” bla bla bla. The world is almost fully brainwashed. Except for the Muslims! And that is the main reason for that Clash of Civilisations! To give the Muslims and the Europeans, a haircut!

Leftist dictatorships are conveniently “left” alone by the International Judas Press Media, like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, the South African “democracy”, Zimbabwe, and of course also the right wing dictators like Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. Those are “struggling democracies!” Didn’t you know? Ha!

Unlike Anti Israel Assad, they are left alone and never taken to task over “human rights” and missing democratic practices. Why? Because they are leftist or right wing dictatorships that are serving Wall Street and the One World Government that is in the making. Even the dictatorial EU is a totalitarian new Soviet Union, as Nigel Farage brings out so well. But the media don’t ever bring that out, for it is politically correct to cause the One World Government.

So where is America going under a Trump management? Slowly but surely towards a “Fascist, Capitalist, Totalitarian Dictatorship!” in the terms of the Judas Media. Because America will not fit into the one World Government unless Hillary gets in and destroys it from within and massacres millions of Murricans by guillotine in FEMA camps. But there will be a civil war before that, and very messy indeed. So this is perhaps the only way to bring America to its knees; by unanimous world condemnation and demonisation of its government, and by eventual unanimous nuclear destruction by the TEN federal leaders of the coming Global government. BUT BEFORE THAT?

Before that America will have to be fully demonised by the PTSB (powers that shoudn’t be), by tricking them into World War 3. How? Well by the usual way they tricked us into WW1 and WW2, by yet one more major false flag attack on America perpetrated by the Bankers henchmen who will probably explode some dirty bomb in some American city to enrage the dumb Americans with media help pointing the false finger at who else but Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and or ISIS! Simple!

And OFF go all the American Millennials, boys and girls, and every able body for canon fodder up to the age of fourty, OFF to the deserts to fight innocent people, men, women, and children, just as the poor Germans did in WW2, and were demonised for their trouble to try to save the world from Bolshewism. Impossible! You can’t beat Stan at his own game, unless the World would turn fully Christian. But they won’t of course. Not now at least.

And then the World will hate America like it never hated anyone or any nation ever on the face of the Earth. America will sulk into utter isolation unwillingly, because their proud WW2 forefathers also wouldn’t believe Lindbergh to go into isolation before 1943’s false flag Pearl harbour, and were tricked into World War 2 with praise from the world’s media, as they hated Germans more than Americans!

So, is Trump being set up? It looks like it. Even Newt Gingrich’s remark was not as innocent as most people took it. He was most likely instructed to say that: “the establishment doesn’t want Trump” — although they probably DO! — “because he isn’t an insider, and is not part of the secret societies!” Su-u-u-u-re. He was probably ordered to say that, to make his election surer than before!

America and its Christ-rejecting Murricans are being set up like “Humpty Dumpty on a Trump Wall, so Humpty Trumpty could have a great fall” and they are electing their own fall agent for it, so much that even the alternative media believe that “Trump might be for real!” Well, yes he probably is! But is he being set up? IS the entire thing being staged again, as they staged Hitler to unleash WW2? It seems they are staging Trump to unleash WW3 big time! That is my righteous suspicion. Adelson is now fully supporting him. (see link below)

Trump couldn’t or wouldn’t even become president IF the Bankers didn’t want him. Even more so now than ever before. They are more powerful than in pre-Hitler days, but they were able to set HIM up then. So you don’t think that they couldn’t stop Trump if they wanted to? Now, IF Hitlery Clinton wins the elections then he wasn’t set up. Time will tell.

I am afraid they might WANT Trump to be president and like the pied piper lead America to its doom, unwittingly to them and even to himself. His own pride and self confidence is leading the way. I am afraid, just as so many times in Man’s sordid history.

And why! Why are Americans so judgment prone? Well apart from some real Christ loving children of God, and some sincere churches, most Americans didn’t bat an eye at the destruction of many nations, and many countries, and many millions of men, women and children, maimed, murdered, and massacred from Iraq to Chile, to Grenada, to Panama, to Vietnam, to Korea, to Syria today!

They just couldn’t care less! And the millions of top Americans are the very worst. The corporate henchmen and their willing shills, cronies, and slaves working for the CIA, NSA, MEDIA, ARMY, NAVY, USAF, FEMA, FDA, HLS, Israeli trained POLICE, MICROSOFT, DELL, BLACK WATER, PEPSI COLA, COCA COLA, MONSANTO, DUPONT, LOCKHEED, WARNER, and the list of criminal corporations goes on and on and on and on and on! ALL of them corrupt as Hell who don’t give a hoot about other people, totally selfish, totally corrupt. Ready for Hades.

And these wicked uncaring top Americans don’t bet an eye at the corruption of land, seed, crops, countries, healths, medicine (falsely socalled), environmental destruction, corporate death, destruction and annihilation of peoples everywhere, and the robberies, and suppressions of the poor worldwide, while some selfrighteously go to Joel Osteen’s megachurch to feeeel good, and apart from that they just don’t give a damn about anyone! You can hardly blame their millennial children who are so stupid and a deprecation on the stock.

THAT’s why Murricans are so hated all over the world! For their selfishness, their ignorance, their self-centeredness, their arrogant pride, their theft, murder, and maiming, and meddling. God wants to deliver the rest of the world for a little longer from them, to prove to them too, that they aren’t any better without Christ. And then He is bound to return for those who really want Him. But I won’t bother you with that unpopular prospect until you see Him hanging in the clouds in the skies over your city. Because until then you won’t believe it anyhow.

So will Trump make America great again? I fear the worst! Now only IF they kill him before the elections… then they really didn’t want him, but wanted Killary Clinton to dump America the hard way, as the Russians have predicted. And they seem to know more about it than Americans! Ha!



Added Information on the subject:

PP: By the way, what boggles my mind, is how all those presumably alternative webmasters all over the world, are up to snuff about

  • The 666 Mark of the Beast
  • The imminent One World Government
  • The occult Satanic underpinnings of the Banksters
  • The coming judgment of America

Yet they don’t come to the right conclusion that they are going to need Jesus to survive the judgment that is coming down the track just as sure as shooting. You know I think it is pride. they are just too embarrassed to confess that Christ is real. And for salvation that is what you need to accept it as a little child, Humilty! They are political and spiritual ostriches. Like this guy from Truthseekers.co.uk, but also Henry Makow! Makow knows it ALL, yet he still hasn’t testfied of his conversion experience like even the Apostle Paul gave, as we all did. “As a little child I received jesus into my heart at such and such time, and I am born again!” Never heard it of him. That’s why I still don’t refer to him or push him. Sure, I haven’t given my testimony recently on line as I have in the past, but I sure have one. “And they overcame.. by the WORD of their testimony!” Revelation

Adelson Calls for Party Unity

Adelson Calls for Party Unity – and Lots of Money – For Trump
The billionaire says GOP elites must respect the voters, and fear a Clinton presidency.

“Trump has created a movement in this country that cannot be denied,” Adelson wrote. “Republicans have the candidate who the people decided is our winner from a field of 17 viable contenders. It’s time for all Republicans to mount up and back our nominee.”

Last week, Adelson, who is staunchly pro-Israel, told The New York Times he believed Trump “will be good for Israel.” The comment was a surprising vote of confidence given that the Republican Jewish Coalition – a group on whose board of directors Adelson sits – had emphasized holding GOP majorities in the Senate and House this election cycle rather than offering its full-throated support to Trump.



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