Thai People Respond to US State Dept Kerry Condemnation of Thai Soft Coup

The American State Dept has a sordid reputation for meddling in many countries. Their biggest recent scandal was their illegal overthrow of the legal Ukrainian government installing Yatsenuk and Poroshenko even using fascist Neo Nazis thugs to attack government forces. Kerry, a notorious undemocratic member of the Fascist secret society Skull & Bones, has no mandate or moral higher ground to lecture Thailand on democracy, because Skull & Bones is an undemocratic conspiracy against American democracy that has destroyed American law & order and contains also the Bush family members who were involved with the murder of the American president John F. Kennedy, and most likely RFk and JFK jr., as well. WATCH THAILAND DEFEND IT SELF AGAINST AMERICAN INFILTRATION & MEDDLING IN ITS SOVEREIGN AFFAIRS.

Video found at


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