US EPA, USDA, CDC & FDA LIARS only serve corporate interests & Big Pharma! NOT to protect the People

All government regulators are LIARS! They lie to the public while protecting the profits of their corporate masters. The FDA LIES about prescription drug safety to enrich the drug companies and keep dangerous, deadly drugs on the market for as long as possible. See the histories of “Vioxx” and “Rezulin”

The EPA LIES about heavy metals in the water supply

They cover up lead poisoning in the water supply, harming millions of children across the USA.

The EPA LIES about biosludge and the safety of weed killers and pesticides.

Truth: Glyphosate causes cancer and destroys lives. Biosludge is a toxic stew of human sewage combined with toxic industrial waste.

The USDA LIES about GMOs to protect the interests of the biotech industry

TRUTH: GMOs are a dangerous experiment that introduces huge quantities of deadly poisons into the food supply while unleashing genetic pollution across crop lands.

The CDC LIES about vaccines to protect the profits of the vaccine industry

In truth, most vaccines don’t even work, yet they’re loaded with brain damaging chemicals like mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde.

The DEA LIES about marijuana and hemp so that it can gain more power and funding to fight the failed “War on Drugs.”

In truth, marijuana is amazing medicine. Hemp is amazing nutrition. The DEA is protecting the prescription opioid market for Big Pharma!

TRUTH: All government regulators work for the corporations!

– They do not serve the interests of the people.

– They are all corrupt, “anti-science” organizations.

– All their actions betray the People but enrich their corporate masters.


Shut down the FDA, EPA, CDC and USDA.

They only serve corporate interests and do nothing to protect the People.


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