Liberation of Al Ghouta and the Syrian Govt Soldiers

Syrian Army liberates large area in eastern Damascus. Over the past week, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has captured a number of villages in rural Damascus, these include: Noulah, Deir al-Asafir, Zebdeen, Hawsh ad-Duwayr, Buzaynah, Hosh al-Katib and Harasta al-Qantara. In turn, rebel forces have lost approximately 20% of the East Ghouta pocket, thus serving a huge blow to the moral of Islamist insurgents in the Syrian capital. Syrian-Army-Damascus

Have you noticed how the Syrian government troops and soldiers always have much clearer and more kind and positive faces than the murderous Takfiri “rats” of the terrorists of the USA, Israel, Saudi, Qatar, and Turkey, etc? Their spirits are totally different, and it is not be the length of the beards that I judge but by the spirit of their eyes and expressions. Compare that with the lust-full killers from all over the world who spent years playing war games on their computers hoping, wishing, and as Takfiri probably praying for a chance to put their lust in practice, and murder some people “legitimately” (not legally as it against Syrian law) religiously!

“WOW! Killing for Allah! How convenient! I can get to do Jihad for Allah, and get to kill, murder, and torture, and behead, and even rape all the girls I want to, for ALLAH! WOW! What a divine pleasure! And then go to Paradise and have my own 72 virgins I can break into violently.”

72virgins have the story covered here:

AssyrianChristianSelfDefenceGirlsWHAT A DIFFERENCE!


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