Are You Ready, Prepped, or Hyped Already For the Global Fake Alien Invasion?

PP PREFACE OF ARTICLE: Well whenever it and whatever happens, disinfo artists Michio Kaku and Paul Krugman are and will be the main media manure spreaders. That would explain all the divisive WW3 hoopla beign created by the “elite” between USrael, Russia, and Europe, and China. It is all being heated up by the New World Order to counfuse and bewilder humanity to get them all ready to a state where the slaves are so divided that an “Alien Invasion” will be WANTED, and then…. they trot out their MAN!

The Jewish “messiah!” The Antichrist, The Mahdi, the new Buddha, or whatever you want to call him or will be called. Well you know what Jesus called him. “Be not deceived! For there shall be false Christs and false prophets!” Like the Antichrist and the False Pope promoting Communism and the NWO! I mean it is happening folks. Jesus’s Day can not be far away.

Especially when you think how the world is more Antichrist than ever. Any of those wordlings reading this, for example, are already barfing at the notion that Jesus was a historical person, that he said that HE was the only way, truth & life to the Father! And that He is going to return with power and great glory soon. They hate that thought!

Of course US the Children of God LOVE that thought. That the world is going to be taken over by Jesus and His angels and will be ruled by his people of all ages, and that they will lern WAR NO MORE! Just that total PEACE will make it all worth it. And that the evil control freaks will be in Hades then, purged from the world. WoW! I can hardly wait. Monsanto in HELL! Microsoft in HELL! The CIA, NSA, KGB, Blackwater, all the false religionists, the Takfiris, the Warmongers, ALL IN HELL! For a 1000 years!

Man! That will be my planet, my earth. I don’t even want to call it my “WORLD!” Because I hate the worldly world. I don’t like all that worldly stuff. give me nature, give me peace, give me birds, sunshine, NO worldly Chemtrails please! And can you imagine a world withtout mainstream media, or anu media at all? We’ ll be having a pefect world without gossiping haters! And everybody will be free! Free to love! Free to grow things, free to collect raiwater, free from taxes! Free from mysery! HALLELLUJAH! I can’t wait!

Are You Ready For the Global Fake Alien Invasion?

Published on May 28, 2016

Are you ready for the potential of a global fake alien attack, brought to you by Russia/America and the UN? It’s a potential playing card for the elite, and has been hinted at since at least Ronald Reagan.

The “economic stimulus” which could appear where there an extra-terrestrial threat, and the potential to “bring everyone together under a global government” are very appealing to both economists and the members of the United Nations.

Ignoring all of the recent media clips talking about aliens as if they are a real threat to the people of the Earth would be foolish. The controlled media never talks about a subject as often and in depth as they have recently talking about the “alien threat” with no proof of actual alien threat. This of course also indicates that we are dealing with a global program, as channels such as Russia Today are also talking about it.

Will they use this potential trump card to round up/galvanize/and direct the people of the Earth’s focus against an existential outside threat that is completely fake, or could this hoax be a hoax in its own right? I am not sure at this point in time.

I do find it rather unlikely that they would try this method of deception, when there are plenty of other methods such as man-made weather modification to make climate change look like more of a problem. The alien card would be very hard to pull off (if it were done, it would be in coordination with a lot of EMP attacks) but if it were to come in, could be devastating for the people of America and the rest of the world.

In my humble opinion, the fake alien invasion attack would be a last-ditch desperation play by the elite, and most likely will not happen, but even so, it’s important that people are aware they are being primed to get ready for one. Is this simply another layer of “trauma based mind control”.. I am not sure, but it is an interesting subject worthy of further examination

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