Henry Makow Criticises Thailand But Ignores Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia Repressive Marxist Regimes’ Democracy?

rightblindMr. Henry Makow, the self-appointed Christian pundit, took it now upon himself to criticise the Thai Coup leader because of a lack of democracy. What makes him look out of his right eye while he blinds his left one, as also do most of the Western mainstream media? Hasn’t he noticed that Laos has been a Marxist dictatorship for years? Has he noticed that Cambodia didn’t have a change of leadership for years and a government allowed show parliament with some token elections? And that Vietnam is also still a Marxist dictatorship with some semblance of parliament and elections for state approved members?

And how dare “enlightened” Henry Makow, that “great Christian light unto the Gentiles”, dare to compare the Burmese puppet of the United States’ State Department of Victoria Nuland fame and Skull & Bones Kerry and Killary Clinton fame, etc, that regularly infiltrates independent countries all over the world, and pulls off illegal coup d’etats and or colour revolutions or Spring revolutions assisted by Google and TOR security mobile phones for its Marxist activists helped by the ilk like Andrew Marshall  of the ANU Australian National University and the Lowy Institute of Mr. Lowy, who had a stake in the WTC 7 building with Silverstein, who maintains contacts with the Red Shirts and its deceived Red-coloured lecturers at Leftist universities like Thammasat and now also Chulalongkorn?

The Neo-con State Department — de de facto American government under Kissinger and the Rockefellers’ CFR — of the United States who appoints their chosen pro-Murrican dupes or rather pro NWO leaders with the blessings of London Chatham House, the NED National Endowment for Democracy, Soros, the CFR, and other partisan parties, Mr. Makow doesn’t seem to remember. Mr. Makow seems to know all about the Devil and his Illuminati, but how he works in Thailand doesn’t seem to have registered in his ostensibly born again brain, that there is no more democracy hardly anywhere in this rigged world except for in Taiwan maybe – and also to a certain extent.(Just recently our FDA shut down Glyphosate poisoned Quaker Oats! Long live the Taiwanese FDA!)

Perhaps Makow is not as smart as he likes to be seen by his sycophants, and is still habitually looking from his former left-oriented eye – as he was trained to do in younger years — but he never seemed to have developed his right eye very much to see the Leftist dictatorships cropping up all over the globe with a clear vision. Not that Thailand is a “right wing dictatorship!” as Makow would see things perhaps.

No! Thailand is not Right nor Left, it is THAI! And that is what most Thais prefer to be and stay! NON Globalist! Non American Empire, Non Chinese! Non Russian affiliated. JUST THAI! But we realise that nowadays Nationalist people who love their own kind seem to be called xenophobic extremist right wingers, and only globalists are considered accepted normal politically correct social democrats. Ha! What a travesty of truth. The control freak tyrants have deceived all nations!

Who is this Mr. Makow anyway? Where does he get his insights concerning Thailand? From some red coloured “Expat” sent there? Someone perhaps like Robert Amsterdam the famous “human rights” lawyer who operates from the same Anti-Thailand network? Now Thailand will have to defend itself against the pernicious influence of Mr. Makow also, who is turning his Christian hinterland against a country that is desperately trying to stay free from all foreign imperialist powers, by walking a very fine line between the USA, China, and Putin Russia.

If Mr. Makow was so astute to know Thailand’s history, he would know that Thailand has always had a THAI guide line in their politics trying to stay free from foreign enemies and divider-conquerors, and successfully so. They were the only 3rd world country in the East that managed to remain UN colonised. Many pension robbed, disenfranchised, foodstamp dependent, sickness ridden, enslaved or homeless people in the West are desperately jealous of the free Thais, for they have no free bananas growing in their gardens, as just one example, and if they DO grow their own food or catch rainwater they are fined or arrested! Wow! Western freedom and democracy is so wonderful!

I guess Mr. Makow doesn’t realise how the Military barely saved Thailand from a Marxist-led Globalist New World Order take-over with secret weapon caches all over the country, that the majority of Thai people of greatly despised. Sure there seems to be a slim cultivated majority of country bumpkins who were so taken in by the New World Order puppet Mr. Thaksin because he gave them easy credit and other hand outs, but most poor people have hardly any political insights that they were being used by a globalist stooge and operative called Mr. Thaksin who had been charged with murder and corruption and there upon fled the country.

I tell you there are multitudes of Thai people who love the peace and quiet after the stormy undemocratic period where people were murdered left and right by Red Shirt terrorists, but oh no, Mr. Henry Makow, “the light unto the Christian Gentiles” needs to toss in his 2 cents because he is an intellectual. Yet he doesn’t hardly see, to know or realise that unless there is election reform in Thailand the same dark red powers will take over the country and dethrone the very Thai independence and Thai leadership and Thai people from ruling their own country. the forces of darkness will invade Thailand and turn it into a mess like Europe and Mr. Makow’s own United States.

ObamaPeaceNobelPerhaps Mr. Makow democracy is not the ideal after all, as it hasn’t been for millennia in this world. Even Greece itself was not a real democracy, as it was only a democracy of the ruling classes. Kind of like democracies everywhere, wouldn’t you say? Oh you think there are democracies in Europe where these Red activists are being supported from or from Australia and the Lowy Institute? Aye Mr. Makow, I think you are greatly deceived by your own intellectuality.

Sweden is a failed state almost. Norway is a Marxist led Greek democracy probably blackmailed by paedophilia into granting Mr. Obomba the Nobel Peace Price. Germany is still occupied territory and is led by an arch Marxist from former Stasi Land, Mrs. Merkel, a German traitor who loves to throw the German flag aside and let the Turks in that Germany tried to keep out in the days of Martin Luther. And Holland’s “Justice Dept. is run by Pedofile protecting dupes. Western Democracy? Mr. Makow? What are you smoking still? Leave Thailand alone please!

And lets not talk about France, Mr. Makow, ever since the Free-masonic inspired French Revolution that country has been an undemocratic Hell-hole where the French people have no rights to be French anymore, and the same goes for almost all European countries. Mr. Makow that article sounds like a bigot who doesn’t know beans about politics, Globalism, nor about Thailand. he is probably a Red Shirt sympathiser send to your dear protected Christian little conspiracy flock and hangs on your every word, while you seem to know little about what is really going on this rigged world.

Democracy Mr. Makow? Where? In the United States? They all have to sit down with Herrn Kissinger. South America, Mr. Makow? The Chilean and now the Brasilian Marxists were overthrown by a coup orchestrated by your own State Department. And Venezuela has been so undermined by the same that is falling like rotten fruit into Victoria Nuland’s lap, to start yet another colour revolution for the American Empire.

FREEDOMTHAILAND-300x282Why don’t you just stay home Mr. Makow to analyse your own backyard and how you possible could help enough Americans to repent from their apostasy that caused all their troubles, and leave Thailand to the Thais. They like to be THAI!, which means FREE! And leave your meddling to your own criminal  junta and your blasted so-called democracy. For you can obviously do nothing that could help Thailand to overcome their NWO imported problems. Why don’t you just pray for them! To Jesus, by the way! And one of these days we would love to hear your testimony how you have also accepted Jesus Christ as your Saviour, for we haven’t heard it yet!

Kind Regards


Even your own commenters are more on track than you

I agree with Jorg,(see Comments) that your correspondent is on the wrong track about Thailand. I have lived and worked here for many years, speak the language and associate with Thai people from all walks of life. Politics is definitely not the talk of the town. In fact  most are enjoying this brief respite from politics…they have a healthy cynicism about all politicians. Naturally there are grumbles about the economy and the cost of living and discontent related to certain laws or regulations …but this is true in any country. Thais still have their own culture and traditions, which is very different from other places, which is why it is so well loved by foreigners, who would love to settle here if the Thais were willing to throw open their doors.  Thais too are very reluctant to leave their homeland, apart from short stints of studying or working abroad. Moreover there is far more personal freedom and freedom of expression here than in the politically correct west…Thais love to joke about everything, there are lively debates about all sorts of topics on social media…it is only their beloved monarch and his family that is off limits.While being predominantly Buddhist, they are very respectful of other religions and family traditions are very important so it seems strange that Thailand is being belittled in this article. – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2016/05/Thais%20People-Restive-Under-Military-Rule.html#sthash.8MbvHhor.dpuf



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