God Bless Taiwan FDA for Banning Carcinogenic Glyphosate Quaker Oats!

Taiwan rejects Quaker Oats oatmeal for being poisoned with glyphosate. Americans rise up against YOUR FDA before they kill you all! Just pray that the Taiwan FDA will not be blackmailed, bribed, or corrupted by “Quaker” Oats, and that Taiwan will also ban Round Up as pesticide in Taiwan, as it is still being used here!

It’s unbelievable: Taiwan rejects foods containing over 0.1 ppm glyphosate, but the Obama administration in the USA allows 300 times more glyphosate in U.S. foods!

Don’t you find it astonishing that food which the Taiwan government says is too poisonous to be used for human consumption is sold everywhere across America and considered “safe” by the EPA?

Learn more:


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