Young American Black Democrat Destroys Killary on Smarmy CNN For Berny Marxism

CNN can not beat this smart Bernie girl. Those smarmy globalists can not defeat this wise girl. [I am not for Hillary, but neither for Bern, perhaps for Trump, if he is for real. But I am not American so I have no vote. But IF HILLARY STEALS THE ELECTION, WE ALL GET WORLD WAR 3.

The news media can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that millions of Democratic voters don’t like and don’t trust Hillary.

Here some TV pundits attempt to demolish a Sanders supporter and end up getting demolished themselves.

This young Sanders supporter left the TV pundits in the dirt with specific arguments, something the pundits seemed incapable of.

What about Haiti? What about Honduras? What about Iraq? What about Libya?


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