Lessons of the Loess Plateau – You Can Change the World – True Comics!

Lessons of the Loess Plateau is an account of how a Chinese project sponsored by the World bank — the robbers of the poor who have caused so many crises all over the world — was realised actually in deed by local scientists and foreigners with a heart for ecological and economical change. They changed the degradation around in a period of 10-15 years, turning the former desert of the degraded Loess plateau in an area the size of Belgium into green well-watered productive agricultural land and a haven for the local people that were once poor but are now thriving.

Note though that one of the film’s oft repeated themes of course is “sustainability” and “climate change due to CO2”, because that is what the World Bank promotes in order to get global CO2 taxation accepted and going so that the world will need a global government to enforce it. Thus they will soon succeed to create a global government, which will be better than the world the Bankers first destroyed, which will somehow feed the poor that they have partly created. The Devil cures the ills that he himself first put there. Be not deceived. Control freaks want power, and they want TOTAL power to consume it upon their lusts. But power over others can only be beneficial when it is motivated by love! GOD’s love.

Here is our Gospel Tract “Change The World” that is a parable to how the world needs to be changed spiritually, because the greatest degradation and famine and imbalance and hunger is spiritually! Man will never be really happy with a hungry heart, an unsaved, unregenerated soul divided from his Creator, and therefore we need to plant the seeds of truth, love and beauty in every heart we possibly can, as this shepherd of the story below has done physically. It is amazing what one man can accomplish, even if he is not perfect himself. A sinner can still love and save his fellow sinners. And if one has that humility it can be felt and the love can be much easier received than as from a perfect supremacist hypocrite. Love, humility and prayer solve all problems.

You might want to print, either in colour or Black & White, and distribute it to anyone you like. God will bless you if you do. That’s what we do, and we feel His blessings on us when we distribute the Gospel freely in palatable form, just as Jesus told parables to the people who because of spiritual degradation, couldn’t or wouldn’t understand even the simple Gospel very easy anyway. And so God comes down to their level with easy parables like Jesus told. Enjoy!

“Change The World” – True Comics



What Massive Land Rehabilitation Project Teaches Us About Ecological Health, Poverty and Our Prospects for the Future


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