Gonz’s Wise Analysis of Orlando & Coming Nuclear False Flag

This man from Face Like the Sun is REALLY hearing from the Lord, and making a very wise analysis of what is happening in the world. God bless this man! HE is hearing from God! MUST WATCH!


Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt) for out of it will come The Great Confusion – Warning Prophecy!!!


2 thoughts on “Gonz’s Wise Analysis of Orlando & Coming Nuclear False Flag

  1. Yeah, thanks for putting this out there, my son and I put this together – my son is a real wizard on the computer and I simply am not. This is sometimes due to my history of having bad eyes but my son’s history is that he grew up in a world of computers and seriously turned to Jesus a couple of years ago and is now putting his good computer skills to good use. My son came to us as a result of a dream I had (before he was born) and so we called him Daniel and so here he is and he spends all of his time looking into the prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel and Revelation and even the Warning Prophecy. He takes his interpretations on these matters from a man called David and nobody else, mainly because he doesn’t want confusion coming into the matter. If you read anyone else’s interpretation on these matters then you usually wind up with nothing short of great confusion so great confusion has gotten into everything. Everything has become fragmented, broken down, watered down, and then sifted out so this is the Devil’s tactic, to make things fragmented, broken down, watered down, and then sifted out, this he is even doing on a personal level in that he is sifting people out of the true churches, or in other words, called-out-ones in that he is even calling the called-out-ones out of their called out gatherings and unity so we really have to be on guard these days and we really have to be diligent. Confusion is hitting us all left, right, and centre. If that prophecy was ever called anything else then it would have to be called “Turn your eyes towards Memphis (Egypt) for out of it shall come the Great Confused One” and what else could the great confused one bring us other than confusion.
    So thanks again for putting this out there, it means a lot to not only myself but also to my son, the re-emerging younger generation born out of this great christian movement. We all need to keep going for them if not for ourselves, we must pass the baton on as good relay racers too the upcoming younger generation, they have their whole lives ahead of them and they are confronted with this upcoming great confusion and great confused one who will come out of it so we must pray for them and put aside all of our differences and do our best to get along with each other, this being so for their sakes and putting aside our sakes for their sakes, this giving them some stability and continuity. Love in Jesus from Terry!

    • Thanks Terry. He did a good job. I was just worried about your neighbours! Ha! Maybe you warned them in advance that it was only a recording. One tech suggestion for Daniel is, to record your voice less “like you are in a livingroom” (which you are I guess) to make it more extemporaneous. Perhaps with more echo/hall/reverb effects available from a sound program, or even the video software sometimes. Anyway great job. Cheers.

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