See 1950 Bagdad Iraq Before USArael Started Messing With it

I bet this movie makes a lot of Iraqis very sad and sour, and hopefully a lot of Murrican-Brit-Raelis contemplate what they have done to this world. It looks so peaceful! There WAS Peace! It takes a lot of creating chaos to get their New World Order. An operation that kills the patient. I imagine that was the idea of the “doctors ” from the very beginning.


StupidStanKhomeini was sitting on ice in France waiting for MI6 to plant him and a revolution in Iran, while they already created the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 1920-ies, and singed the Balfour declaration so Palestine would be occupied and become a powderkeg in the Middle East!

Then Sykes–Picot purposely cut the wrong Middle East borders out of their former colonies to create enough division so they could later “remedy” it! Yes it is a rigged world, but Stan the Devil is surely a lot closer to realise his One World Government under himself to glorify himself in the sight of God getting total control over the bodies and souls of a majority of humans on Earth, so he can thumb his nose at God, before he tumbles into the bottomless pit and his dupes into Hades!

This last era is the saddest period in history, and it ain’t over yet! Brace yourselves fellow Children of our Father, because Stan is now finishing his designs for them to fully hate our guts and faith from all nations, so they will put many of us out of our suffering promoting us to Heaven. It only hurts a little while. Keep the faith Family. It is almost over. Jesus our lovely Heavenly Husband is coming soon!


At least there was PEACE! 1957 Havana, Cuba. The City is in full bloom. The port, filled with ships from all over the world, offers the island a taste of the upcoming fashions, the latest technological advances of the automotive industry, and exquisite jewelry, among many other fine things. New neighborhoods — El Vedado, among others– are expanding to accommodate the fast growing population. Streets are filled with Spanish Colonial, Republican Neoclassical and American Beaux Arts architecture of all scales that share one common element, allowing them to fit flawlessly together, thereby forming part of a greater urban identity. Shops from all over the world fill the buildings. Theaters bustle with crowds anxious to see international celebrities Edith Piaf, Nat King Cole and others. Tropicana’s jungle showgirls dance atop the tree canopies. An enduring myth is that 1950’s Cuba was a socially and economically backward country whose development was jump-started by the Castro government. In fact, according to readily-available historical data, Cuba was an advanced country in 1958, certainly by Latin American standards and by world standards.

Of course there were a lot of poor people. Like everywhere around the 1950-ies, and before, and just as there are a lot of poor people today! But that wasn’t the problem for the control freaks! They were too many and they were Christian! And that needed to be rooted out! So they send the revolution! Just as they did to Russia, and China, Vietnam, and many other places! Why? Well, they believe that there are not just too many Christians, but too many HUMANS! And wars and revolutions are dandy fine ways of getting rid of millions.


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