The REAL One World Govenment BEGINS to take form! Surprise! It is not the $NWO!

Ordo ab Chao! Order ot of chaos! The old method of Stan the Devil. America is following Psalm 9:17 — and Americans please don’t blame it on Stan, it is your own fault! — “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all of the nations that forget god!” So new America and old Europe — same fault! — follow that pattern and are both falling into planned chaos… BUT..

“From a great Nation and Eastern nations” God is allowing the REAL One World Government (OWG) to arise while the Great Society (American NWO!) is coming to travail!” And here is one indicative little news item from their very own Press Agency that gives some of it away! Something we’ve been telling you all about for years already! “Oh ye fools and slow of heart to believe”, said the dear Lord to His disciples. Are you ready for the Last Days? They are HERE! We are just waiting for smart old Gog to rise! Whoever he will be!

Ladles and gentle spoons there in Chao! We present to you with great Hegelian pleasure!
ALL THE WAY from ROSSIYA! (The Rosh people!)
With BRICS (and Slime for mortar) for the new Tower of Babel!
Without MUCH further ado…. THE E.E.U!


And that is why I expect that Russia will stay safe North of the South Front behind their stronger military walls of smarted and stronger armaments, of the coming worldwide conflict or WWIII. Why! Wll who else is going to pick up the pieces afterwards, or extend a “helping hand” and a new “Marshall plan” from the Banksters to rebuilt everything. That is also another reason I don’t believe WW3 is going to be a destructive nuclear drag out total war, because otherwise Jesus would come back right after it!

So the REAL jesus won’t come after WW3, but the fake Jesus should come from the sky! In flying saucers on a Blue beam? And fulfill the hope of all the humanists, the socialists, the transhumanists, the new agers, the marxists, the one world religionists, the followers of the Mahdi, the Messiah, the Majih, the Buddha, the ultimate kali god, the physical materialist Saviour of the World!

They will be able to sing again, “We are the world! We are its people! Lets start another day, and keep on gving! There is choice we’re making (Wew! there sure is!) and probably it will be the wrong.. we are waiting for a new day.. for you and me!”

We are not against it. As Jesus said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God.” We Christians make and always will be the best and most loving world citizens you can think of, except of course when it comes to accepting a brand in the flesh or our hand or forehead. There we will literally depart from Stan! Will you? It is going to be sacrifice, I know. But who wants to survive in a world where Jesus was killed and died? But He also resurrected here! Will you? You will IF you believe in Him!



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