AfD Politician ridicules Green Party LGBTTQQ-Proposal by greeting Parliament in 60 different Genders

Comrade-217x300Some Germans are fed up with political correct dictatorship and speech muzzling, and are not afraid to let the Leftist bench warmers and nation traitors behind him – who go for that kind of dystopia – know it. He refuses to endorse the politically correct motion of some android with an IQ of 66 and shows that there is perhaps 5 % hope left for Germany. But don’t hold your breath, because the Marxist dictatorship will also banish free speech in Parliament as well. We are now very close to the end of Mankind, as there is no one to defend us anymore.

Remember Pastor Niemoeller? “When they came for the communists, I was not a communist?” Well, if I wasn’t a Christian, I now almost wish they would come for the Communists, otherwise the Communists are certainly coming for us. They already are!

politicsThe Soviet Union didn’t end in 1990, it only jumped from the East to what was once enlightened Christian Europe. That’s why it came to an end in Russia. The Europeans allowed themselves to be de-Christianised by them and brainwashed by their ungodly media. And they will only survive if they learn how to toss a TV into the garbage can and learn discernment on the Internet. Which I don’t see forthcoming.

Otherwise? “GESTAPO! HALT! AUSWEISS BITTE! SI SIND VERHAFTET!” But this kind of Neo-Nazism will never get to Nuernberg, because it is not only financed by Wall Street but installed by them to enslave us all. The only way out…? IS UP! Up to the victory of the cross, love for others, and eternal resurrection ever after. Hallelujah!



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