Jo Cox During Her “Murder” Was Assisted by a 77 yr. old DEAD HERO? UK is fully 1984 now!

Is Jo Cox really dead or was she murdered by MI5 or MI6? Is this another political murder so thwart the referendum, like the Lindt murder in sweden? It starts to look like it. It is imperative for Brits to dump their Judas Newspapers and Judas Media AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, or their country will go totally down the drain!
The following is a machine translation from a Dutch website that elaborates on this fraud. Ed.

BREAKING: helper Jo Cox, 77 -year-old man named Bernard Kenny passed away in 2013obituary-bernard-kenny-jo-coxFiled in NEWS ANALYSIS by Martin Vrijland on June 20, 2016

The 77 -year-old retired man who would have helped Jo Cox, according to witnesses against the attack of Thomas Mair, already appears to be deceased in 2013 . This is apparent from an obituary in the Yorkshire Evening Post . The good man could therefore never have been on the scene of the accident. The bubble of the fable of the saving hero is thus popped 1x. The fable bubble of the murder of Jo Cox is thus popped as well.

Mr. Bernard Kenny would have been an ex- miner who would be in good condition and swimming every day . He was already a hero, because in 1973 he had been involved in a rescue operation in Lofthouse Colliery mine in West Yorkshire in England. Mr. Kenny after his heroic act and attempt to save Jo Cox, is supposed to have been wounded and evacuated to a hospital in Leeds. But what now appears (and probably you will not even believe this, because it does not come from the mainstream media?) This Bernard Kenny was already deceased on January 21, 2013. The following ad speaks for itself. Mr. Kenny now would indeed probably have been 77, assuming that his birthday would have set the date of the alleged murder of Jo Cox. How likely is the chance that someone with the same name and the same age, comes from the same place?

This is rockhard evidence that the murder of Jo Cox is a hoax. Earlier evidence I reviewed all here, here and here. It is fully staged, which now appears clear from the fact that a hero character was invented in the form of an old miners hero. Unfortunately, now it emerges that this man already was no longer alive. This hoax bubble has been punctured!


Here is the lying article from the Guardian cult about the dead man’s wonderful intervention! Ha!

Calls for man who intervened in Jo Cox attack to get George Cross

Josh Halliday — Guardian June 20, 2016


Bernard Kenny was waiting outside Birstall library when he saw Cox being attacked and stepped in, allegedly

Friends, neighbours and former miners have joined calls to award the George Cross medal to the pensioner who tried to save Jo Cox. Bernard Kenny, 77, was stabbed in the stomach as he went to the aid of the Labour MP, who was fatally stabbed and shot last Thursday. Kenny arrived home on Monday afternoon under a police escort, having spent four nights in Leeds General Infirmary. Continues …

Jo Cox Family Doesn’t Shed Tears & Smile!

If she is dead she was murdererd by secret services, but who knows maybe she is still alive? Who knows. But “something stinks to high heaven in (Denmark) Britain!”



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