Brexit YEA! BUT it’s not enough! $-vultures still bent on UK destruction & INDEPENDENCE DAY! A movie review?



Britain votes: OUT. (A MOVIE REVIEW?)
fireworks_animBBC scratches its head: David Cowling, the BBC’s head of political research, in an internal memo:

“It seems to me that the London bubble has to burst if there is to be any prospect of addressing the issues that have brought us to our current situation. There are many millions of people in the UK who do not enthuse about diversity and do not embrace metropolitan values yet do not consider themselves lesser human beings for all that. Until their values and opinions are acknowledged and respected, rather than ignored and despised, our present discord will persist. Because these discontents run very wide and very deep and the metropolitan political class, confronted by them, seems completely bewildered and at a loss about how to respond (“who are these ghastly people and where do they come from?” doesn’t really hack it). The 2016 EU referendum has witnessed the cashing in of some very bitter bankable grudges but I believe that, throughout this 2016 campaign, Europe has been the shadow not the substance.”

“And they tried so hard… David Cameron resigns, destroyed as prime minister. That is not enough. He and his moneyed friends tried to destroy Britain. — Who will replace him? Please, NOT Boris Johnson, the fat, dishevelled and increasingly incoherent drinker. We had enough of that in WW2, with Winston.”
Quote by David Irving

So did a lot of country people come out and vote and give this result? Some kind of silent majority that was mobilised? If so, good for them. But I wonder even how much the older immigrants voted to keep Britain for themselves – so to speak – not wanting to share with a new wave of fresh raw Syrians, Africans, Turks, Maroccans, Libyans, etc. The older first wave of immigrants is settled in and is perhaps not so keen on sharing the pie?

And then the Scots! I do not understand why they are interested in staying inside the EU? But I doubt if they will have another referendum to divorce from the UK. No momentum. And there appears to have arisen now a new wave of EXITS for other European countries and movements to put that in action. I’d say YEA! GO FOR IT! And perhaps IF we can slow the globalists there in Europe, perhaps it can be slowed globally? Because once it is installed, it will be fully totalitarian! And as Christians we will be the main targets of persecution by it.

But I don’t know. In order to stop the globalists, the people have a whole lot more waking up to do, to recognise the dark powers that are trying to get control of the world. They are now so entrenched after hundreds of years trying, that it is like a disease that hasn’t been treated for a very long time. Result? It will kill the patient.

Too many middle and upper middle class people are totally propagandised and sold on globalism already, and too dependent on companies and organisations that are fully globalist. And most of those people wouldn’t think of endangering their personal financial interest by rocking their boats. And they set the tone of a society, of course motivated more by the JUDAS mainstream press and media who are totally globalist, led by the bankers.

Most third worlders? They don’t care too much as long as they can have their religion and money, and have their little shop, etc. They are just happy to have escaped the burden of poverty in their original countries. So don’t count on most of them to have idealistic ideas to escape globalism.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the trend is going global anyhow, whether we like it or not, especially if you look at most Millennials – the young people – most are pretty propagandised by their Marxist teachers and media and they think it is all great and cool Dude! “We are the world!”

I just saw “Independence Day -the resurgense!”

No, I didn’t pay for it. Somebody gave us 2 free tickets, otherwise I would not have supported Hollywood, out of principle. I’m too old fashionedly principled and totally aversed from their perfidyI just wanted to know what the propaganda tastes like these days. And sure enough, it still tastes the same. Like …

The movie’s title already, is such a lie. It preaches United Nations from front to cover, with UN cars and UN and other global “security” organistations supported by some federal multi-polar world à la Putin, although still led by the US of A, — of course — it is an American movie. A New world Order Hollywood production! I can’t wait for its end.

HollywoodBut the entire idea is. “The Aliens ARE coming for the kill, and IF THE ENTIRE WORLD WOULD GET TOGETHER ONE MORE TIME, WE CAN STOP OR DEFEAT THEM!” “We can only find strength and unity if we stand together as a planet!” And so it was said and so it was done. The gentile rulers led by smart Jewish handlers were able to beat this Alien Queen. And thus they make everybody in the world scared to death, that maybe.. one day.. THE ALIENS MIGHT COME!” (see trailer at the end)

Like Stephen Greer does! He scares the upper middle class and powerbrokers with his “Disclosure Program.” Do I believe it? No! But they do! And most people will, when they see them coming from the sky, whether they are good or bad, and they might even think that their leader is a new jesus Christ!IfWeUnite

FuturePlanet UnitedSurviveAnd of course, the more informed among us, know that they will come! They have been working on some fake alien invasion for decades in order to “Unite the world!” and “OVERCOME ALL RACIAL, CULTURAL AND NATIONAL INTERESTS” to beat them! And guess what! The bad Aliens were actually beat with the help of some other GOOD aliens! And so they can get their One World Government.

And thus they put a bug in everyone’s ear that there are “good aliens”, whereas there are actually no physical aliens at all, and the only “aliens” that ARE coming are full demonic entities (fallen angels) – that only Christians know about — and they are BAD ASSES led by Satan who wants to take over the world via his yielded controllers and world rulers, who, FYI, are already in bed with them today!

And so that was a wonderful example of mass propaganda that the poor young people of course uncritically swallow as brain candy, so that they are ready to hail the Antichrist! Yes, folks, we have lost our young people worldwide, to their media and their propaganda. They are brainpolluted already, and the rulers just wait until the oldies die off.

You can see that so good in the USA today, as a faorecast what it will become like all over the world one day, where the dumbed down Marxist led Millennials protest for $15 per hour, paid by Soros, to try to defeat Trump, because he is not really controllable by the Powers That Shouldn’t Be!

And so my dear friends, we can only look forward to the soon coming of the Lord to whisk us away out of this lost evil world, no matter how pretty the globalists are going to make it look like with all their money and glossy media and massive persuasion.
Jesus! Come Soon!

Love & Peace


PS: But if you are not yet fully propagandised then watch this very long trailer and interesting motivational presentation. If you have globalist sympathies, you might like it or even join them! 🙂




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