Alex Jones With Farah Discuss Collapse, UN Tanks & US Civil War?

Something is not only coming their way, it has been coming for the last 50 years or more, but Muricans were too busy watching TV, CNN, ‘America’s got talent’, instead of the Signs of the Times as their God had told them long ago.

And now the wars, earthquakes, famines, and the like are creeping up on them as a Boa Constrictor about to swallow them whole. So do they get off their behinds and Christians out of their pews and off of their potatoe couches? Not a chance of a snow ball in Hell.

They are too busy worshipping at the altars of materialism at the Mall, or Israel, and going there on a ‘pilgrimage’ instead of getting out of their holes (churches) onto the streets to love their fellow sinners who are still unsaved and deceived by the Marxists. Instead the self righteous preachers stand on street corners with big signs about gayness instead of loving the gays into his kingdom and patiently explaining the Gospel to deceived Millennials who are paid by Soros 15$ an hour to shout Fuck Trump.

Man! What a body Jesus has to put up with. Christians! Become children of God today and start loving your neighbour, winning them and explaining with lots of mercy and patience that He is the answer man. Jesus never held a sign on some street corner!

He made friends with all the sinners and tried to explain to them that the Kingdom was AT HAND! FOR GOD’S SAKE WHY DON’T THEY USE SOME PLAIN OLD WISDOM AND GET OFF THEIR BEHINDS! No! Instead they attack “false cults” and criticise those who get the job done, and worship Israel which is burying their nation. When will they open their eyes!?

Even Dylan saw it coming long before, of course from a wrong Saul Alinsky perspective. Fact is that they were all sleeping, dreaming the American Dream turning into a nightmare. IF THEY WOULD ONLY GET OUT OF THEIR CHURCHES AND TRY TO LOVE SOME LOST ONES!





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