“Hillary is a Crook!” Farage a Sensible Politician Amid Brainwashed Political Dupes

What a brainwashed crowd on this program. Mainstream media pundits who have been nurturing this artificial Anti-Putin Anti-Russian campaign for the CIA – which they are beholden to – and then this other nitwit who doesn’t even know that the Ukraine was taken over by an American State Department Coup? What kind of historians are these people. I am so sorry for the English, how propagandised they are by the mainstream media. A sorry lot. If I were British I would vote for Farage as prime minister. But thank God I am not.

If it was up to the London globalist communist enclave in the middle of occupied territory they would be not only in the EU but already in a One World Government under Goldman Sachs and the Rothschilds. The BREXIT was purely made possible by the sane but suppressed middle and labour class in the country side who KNEW they are being taken for a cultural & immigration ride toward economic death and disastrous healthcare and other dystopian miseries at the hands of the arrogant UK elites who think they are peasants and should die off as soon as possible, as a recent outburst of some “English” elitist betrays, him saying literally, that “the elites should rise up against the peasants!”


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