The Cattle & Human Mutilation Cover Up & Its Misinterpretation. Richard D Hall.

This is a very interesting documentary – although purely from a carnal perspective! – about UFOs and related cattle- and human mutilations. UFOs are already identified for many years and ought to be called Elite High-tech Anti-gravitational Air Vehicles. For short AGS (Anti-Gravitational Spacecraft) NOT extra terrestrial! THAT’s the deception coming from the establishment to cover up the coming staged alien invasion of Earth to promote the coming of the Antichrist and Satan! But please watch this 2 hour docu first. Then read the article below.

I like Richard Hall –though he is a bit of a New Ager– because he investigates from the bottom up in the physical which takes away some danger that he jumps to dogmatic paradigm conclusions. Other than that Hall believes in purely physical extra terrestrials (aliens) he sticks to the facts that are known and to people that he really vets for credibility.

It is our contention that AGS (Anti-Gravitational Spacecraft) were first developed by the Germans, already before WW2, and then stolen as war booty by the American-based shadow elite and exported to super-bases for further development. Since 1945 AGS have gotten only more sophisticated, bigger, smarter, and in many different forms, triangles, cigars, platforms, etc.

In order to cover up these AGS they had to allow the rise of the UFO controlled opposition and deceive them to believe that Aliens or ETs were the originators and makers of them, to cover up the earthly human origins. So simple.

But this does not exclude the very strong demonic spiritualistic dimension to these space vehicles and the shadow authorities in charge of them and behind them who are now in cahoots and virtually taken over by demonic forces, who Christians call “fallen angels” or demons. This is borne out by the observation of one of the UK black-op NATO, clean-up team members when asked “what the aliens look like?”, he answers, “You wouldn’t want to know! THEY ARE LIKE DEVILS! extremely strong and powerful and they could rip you apart! And all the talk about friendly aliens is bunk. We didn’t know what we (humans) were getting into. Also that most of the information the public gets is mostly disinformation!”

You may wonder, “but angels are invisible!” No, not all the time. St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews tells us to not forget to entertain (be kind to) strangers, for in so doing we may unknowingly entertain angels!” Of course when they visit you they are visible as humans, but normally they are invisible to us watching over God’s children and our cities protecting the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

They are able to “shape-shift” transform themselves into visible beings, even as kindly old grandmothers that give donations to poor missionaries and then in the blink of an eye disappear into nothing. Watch this genuine CCTV camera recording how God’s angels protect and teleport a poor Chinese man and his life-supporting tricycle in the fraction of a second out from a collision with a truck. Out of love! Of course these are GOD’s angels! You can see that his uncovered face and hands glow which he eventually hides in his hoody & digs his hands into his pockets before he vanishes into the darkness.

Demons are invisible too but can also shapeshift, as it says about them, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”. And not only Satan but also his lesser demons can shapeshift, into physical “aliens.” That doesn’t mean that all creatures on AGS are demons. What the documentary above reveals is that the elite has been mixing seed & changing DNA, making chimeras and/or hybrids from humans and probably animals.

The demons are the ones obsessed with genitals and rectums and organs, that are doing the mutilations! The victims’ blood is conjured away while body parts are removed by obvious supernatural means, not knives or scalpels. Other corroborating evidence is that humans who call on the Name of Jesus Christ are protected against kidnappings.

I remember a 1960 AGS kidnapping effort of a Brazilian farmer whom they were trying to lift by their electro-magnetic energy-field of the flying saucer which is stronger than Earth’s gravity, of course, but the poor farmer tightly held onto the trunk of a tree and they couldn’t get him, and so gave up and left him. Bill Cooper also said that UFO AGS are often filled with human body parts. Are the demons now using these parts to grow and/or re-construct bodies for themselves? does this mean that the demons are possessing these UFO-AGS-s to transport themselves around in order to gain more bodies for their fellow demons?

There are plenty of sound reports – like the account of the Australian missionary in Papua New Guinea – where they saw an AGS hanging above them in the air while humans came out doing some repairs on the perimeter. When the Papuas waved to them, the pilots waved back, probably not realising that there was a white Australian among them.

There is nothing extra terrestrial about UFOs. It is purely terrestrials mixed with the demonic forces that the super banking elite has entertained for centuries and is by now doing Satan’s bidding, and are already taken over by his demons.

There is another dimension to this demonic take over, that they traditionally resided underground more than above. When certain American Indian tribe shamans want to contact the “gods” they enter into underground caves to conjure them up.

There is a video report of an American going into a newly discovered deep cave where he was almost killed by demons who tried to attack his steel gondola. He was then lifted to safety. This coincides with the words of St. Jude (half brother of Jesus) where he said,

“And the angels who did not stay within their own domain, but abandoned their proper dwelling, He keeps under darkness, in eternal chains for judgment on that great day.”

That doesn’t mean that they are all bound underground still. It is obvious from the Gospels that they were able to hijack or hitch-hike on humans who got into the depths and were yielded to them, and therefore they reacted so heavily when they met Jesus in the flesh, recognising them afar off and crying out loud their recognition of Him! He always ordered them to shut up and come out.

Demons needed permission to go into another body, vehicle, or talisman, because most are obviously not allowed to travel on their own. Satan and his top dogs appear to though, being called “the prince of the power of the air.” Satan even was able to access Heaven where he accuses the saints.

When Jesus met the demoniac who was possessed by a legion of demons, they asked Him if he would allow them to go into a herd of swine feeding nearby. Jesus allowed them, as he probably knew that they would freak out and run into the sea of Galilee where they died! Since then they live underwater there! You wouldn’t want to go swimming there! Ha!

In other words the elite have woken up the demons underground, probably also because they have been tunnelling deep underground and building DUMBS (deep underground military bases) for a very long time, apart from other cultures and ethnic groups that tunnelled underground like that complex in Turkey going down 20-30 levels.

The greatest deception is really only that these beings are physical biological entities born on other planets outside of the solar system, because that is the big cover-up in place to keep the public from knowing that underground demons are in cahoots with the elite and have probably hijacked many of them, using them to prepare the way of the Antichrist and the take over of their King Appollyon or Satan of the entire Earth, and for the subjection of you the Earthlings.

We can further the demons agenda by spreading more of these semi-physical “reptilians,grays” etc. instead of calling a spade a spade that they are noting more than ordinary and dispicable demon angels who didn’t keep their first estate. Like Greer and his people are such cover up artists that are in charge of the “disclosure project” making it all look like the Elite is in cahoots with Alien extra terrestrials, instead of the Elite is in cahoots or even taken over by DEMONS!

That is the main point of this article. Don’t be a voice for ET disinformation. If you expose them expose them for what they REALLY are! DEMONS on Anti-Gravitational Space vehicles that most likely can get around the solar system wherever there is some form of substantial gravity to ride on.

For the rest, trust the Lord for your safety and protection, call on the Name of Jesus in case youare apporached or God forbid kidnapped by these powerful demons. One little word shall fell them.. JESUS! NOT the humans though! You can rebuke them but they are still free to disregard spiritual limitations and hurt or imprison you.

Cheers! May God keep you safe in His Name!





Dr. Kelleher is a research scientist who spent several years with the National Institute for Discovery Science, or NIDS, a private Las Vegas science organization. A four-year NIDS study of the mystery triangles has found that these craft have been seen for decades all over the world. There were a daylight sightings in Russia in the ’70s. In the early ’80s, there were hundreds of nighttime sightings in rural New York. Belgium was inundated in the late 80s, but more recently, the mystery triangles have really come out of the closet and have been seen in every state, including Nevada, flying low and slow over cities. NIDS now has a database of more than a 1,000 black triangle reports, 17 of them from Nevada. The witnesses often say the craft seem to float, like a blimp or airship, but they are also capable of aeronautical magic. Some of the characteristics of the reports of Flying Triangles that are inconsistent with deployment of a covert Department of Defence aircraft include:

(1) Locations and sightings near cities and on Interstate highways.
(2) Low altitude in plain sight of eyewitnesses.
(3) Flying at extremely low speed or hovering in plain sight of eyewitnesses.
(4) The aircraft sometimes fly with easily noticeable bright lights. Some aircraft have blinding white lights. Others have “bright disco lights”, usually flashing combinations of red, green or blue.

Triangle UFOs Characteristics.
Hundreds of official & private descriptions virtually all the same. People saw the following:

TRIANGLESbelgium1. Flat triangle-shaped flying objects. (Sometimes square or double triangles in hexagon.)
2. Black, dark-blue or -grey coloured.
3. Huge sizes from ‘300-500 yards’ to ‘200 meter’ lengths, depending on whether it was a N-American or European observation, although the triangles were sometimes smaller.
4. Almost always 4 huge sphere-shape “sparking” aura-type lights, 3 on the corners of the triangles, plus 1 in the middle, usually white though often changing to green, blue, red, orange or gold color & intensity. As one witness report of a Belgian police official states: “who certifies to see, from his home at Ramillies, three unusual lights towards Thorembais-Gembloux. These lights are distinctly more intense than stars and planets, they don’t move and are located at the apexes of an equilateral triangle. Their color is changing: red, green and yellow.”
5. No red/green navigation lights like normal aircraft.
6. Flying at low altitude in plain sight of eyewitnesses over cities & highways, as if wanting to be noticed,
7. Sometimes the triangles’ edges even sport red & white flashing “disco” lights. (Doesn’t sound to me like secret test flights over desolate deserts, nor very alien.)
8. Take off at enormous speeds, sometimes so fast that they seem to vanish in thin air.
9. Non-streamline flight paths, flying left- or right-side up, vertically forward or nose up even.
[ quote: “exceptional speed and manoeuvrability relating to these triangles, such as flat pivot turns or incredible acceleration.
10. Erratic playful flight patterns, chasing or dancing with other accompanying triangles or airliners, playing cat & mouse with national Air Forces, like in Belgium during the eighties.
12. Silent, noiseless propulsion, though sometimes a low humming sound.
13. No smell, other than once the slight aroma of a burned transformer smell.
14. Stop electric appliances below & deaden batteries.
15. Dizzyness effect sometimes on witnesses below, either psychological or electro-magnetic.
16. Enjoy being followed or seen by witnesses, actually slowing down to 30-40 Mph to stay observable.
17. In the US sightings are near cities & Interstate highways.

ufos7See a photo of a UFO stopping its 200.000 km/per hour flight dead in its tracks. Can you see its 2 pilots flying from the broken window on the right!?? OF COURSE NOT, every UFO has its own gravity field. That’s how these pilots can survive these speeds and courses.

18. Must be magnetic field or anti-gravity propulsion, otherwise they’d fall down!
19. Sometimes slightly mounted tops or domes, like “flattened pyramid-shape, observed with sphere-shaped bright lights on top.
20. Able to drop altitude 10,000-20,000 feet in matter of seconds
21. Switch instantly from hovering to several thousand miles an hour, also observed on radar.
22. Triangles & other UFOs have no G-Force effect its crews, indicating their own gravity field.


As the fake picture of the pilots being thrown out of the stopping UFO proves, the crew of UFOs are subject to a gravity field of the UFO itself. If the triangle wouldn’t have its own gravity field, not only the pilots would fly out, but the rivets that hold it together as well. Which proves that UFOS are not subject to the earth’s gravity but to their own, and the crews as well, and therefore stay in one piece and don’t feel their stomach when coming to a dead stop after flying at speeds of 500.000 or more km/per hour.

UFOs glow, they change colour as the gravity engines accelerate or slow down or change direction. The auto-gravity engines extend not only to the pilots of these crafts, but to the entire fuselage of the “flying saucer and have such a strong electro magnetic field that it affects electric appliances like car radios on the ground and even make people dizzy, and even can pull up people or other things from the ground like the Brazilian farmer who had to hold on to a palm tree to stop ’em from kidnapping him.

The unified gravity-field that holds the craft & its crew together though is only about as big as the “saucer” or perhaps a little wider. And that is why triangles have 4 light domes. They are formed by 3 saucers connected through very strong beams that need to fall under the 3 magnetic fields, otherwise the triangle would come apart under its own momentum. And that is the explanation for the light dome in the middle. The gravity engines are totally synchronised by computers otherwise the triangle would be torn apart, if they only differed a fraction, under the force of the acceleration they take off with. And to make the bigger 200-300 meter triangles as are seen lately, they need a synchronised “saucer” in the middle, to extend the gravity field to cover the bigger craft. And voila! That is how they fly.

haunebu2And you and I are being set up for a so-called “alien connection”, with this 75 years old Nazi technology captured by the Powers-That-Be, at the end of WW2, when “flying saucers” or “Foo Fighters” were still in its baby stage. They couldn’t even be used for military purposes as they couldn’t stabilise enough to point weapons. The auto-gravity engines were so huge that there was hardly room for one or perhaps two pilots sitting on top of the engine under a little dome, and they could only fly in 45° angles.





(Their words of wisdom:)

QUOTE: “A Shadow Government? There is perhaps one last terrestrial explanation, but it isn’t a pretty one. Could there be an ultra-black group behind the triangles, one that is so far removed from ordinary channels that the American military establishment has lost control of it? Could such a secret group exist?”
Their conclusion: “We are facing a situation in which we know that some triangles are ours (as the 1989 sighting by Chris Gibson demonstrates), some triangles are big, some are small, some do not appear to be “ours.” If there is a single terrestrial explanation for this, it would have to be a shadow group, most likely among people deeply immersed in the world of black defense technology who developed their own agenda independent of any formally established government.
One person with whom I write, and whose judgement I have come to trust, tells me he is “ninety-five percent” sure that somewhere along the line the U.S. military and scientific minds in the secret world have indeed developed operational field propulsion. In other words, defeated the problem of gravity and are thus responsible for at least many of the triangles. Another person, someone in whom I place high esteem and credibility, tells me he thinks it’s unlikely this is so.
While this is difficult to sort out, I am still left with a nagging question: if the American National Security State somewhere along the line invented some version of the Flying Triangle, why is there no evidence that it has ever been used in our recent wars? Would it not have been useful during the Gulf War of 1991? Or now?
“There are, of course, answers to this question. It may have been used secretly and no one has found out. Or, the military planners may have believed that it was unnecessary for victory and hence still more valuable as something secret. Still, it seems odd. I think it’s likely that there are secret, terrestrial, triangles out there. “


But it also looks to me that some, and perhaps most, of the triangles are “not ours,” that is, alien of some sort. In my own view, since I think this is true of the UFO phenomenon in general, it is not especially difficult to see it as true of the triangles.
What we can say for now is that there is no explanation yet offered to the public that brings all these triangles down to earth. There is a large body of evidence that continues to elude conventional explanation. The triangles do not all appear to be “ours.”

If you want to understand more about why they ARE “ours” (meaning of human origin) see now our Greatest Deception Page.


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