Where to Find a List of Alternative News Blogs & URLs

Perhaps you are also sick of the lying Corporate Mainstream Media deceptions and would like to read, hear, and watch alternative daily news blogs, webpages, URL-s, articles and videos. Although this list is not comprehensive, we made a list for you of the news services we sometimes, often, regularly, or daily go to to gather the REAL news. If you want to use this list, just safe this page to your hard disk and give it some name like News.php or News.html, however the page saves to your C:, D:, or E: drive and then open the page from there and bookmark it in your bookmarks. Then you open that page daily from your bookmarks OR, do as we do, and make it your homepage of your browser and then it will open automatically.
If you are really HTML savvy. You could just open your HTML WYSIWYG program like Dream Weaver, open a new HTML page and select and copy the URLs on this article and paste them in, and save the page as NEWS.html. In WordPress we cannot upload html or php pages due to restrictions, so you have to make it yourself. Otherwise bookmark this page and make it your browser’s homepage. There are also some foreign German, French, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, etc. and other links as well. Hope that helps. Love & Peace Lu.
PS: This list is not comprehensive, so IF you have any extra suggestions please post them as comments below! Thanks so much. Cheers! ps: DON’t believe everything you read in these blogs. They ALL have a subjective agenda, as most are not Christian, and some like Rivero’s WRH Anti-Christian.

NON WESTERN MAINSTREAM:  RUSSIA TodayRianNovostiPRESSTVWNFarsi NewsBenSwann BangkokPost — CHINA: PeopleDaily
UK/US ALT. BLOGS: — WakeupfySlumberInvestment WatchNewsScouterLandDestroyerActivistpostWhatReallyHappenedTruthseeker —  InfowarsPrisonPlanetTruthstream —  SleuthjournalBollynCorbett ReportVoltairenet  — Blacklisted Alt-MarketExaminerBoilingFrogsPost —   —  —  —  —  —  —
REAL CLIMATE NEWS: JO NOVA Watts UpNotaLotofPeopleKnowThat
MONEY: — Max KeiserDollarCollapse kingworldXE EUROXE GOLD
OTHER NEWS: DutchSinseVigilantCitizenLarouchepac  — WillyLoman — —
RUSSIA: — Vinyard Saker — New Eastern  — NSNBCUkrainRebels — —
FRENCH: VoltairenetMoutons Enr.VoltairenetAntiSionistQuenellePlusFawkes-newsEgalite&Reconciliation
GERMAN– EU-ChronicleSchallundRauchAnderWelt  SWEDEN Undermattan
DUTCH: ZapLogNiemollerH.RepubliekRecht=KromNibiru
WAY OUT THERE: FPPJim Stone Before=NewsVidRebelThe Rebel  —  The TAPXRepublic.tvDaily SheepleAangirfanXymphoraDprogram.netMoon Alabama21Century — — NewsWire24 —  RenseCounterCurrentsRINF — —
MAINSTREAM TAIWAN: WeatherChinaPostTaipei Times
AUSSIE Pickering Post JO NOVA  Gumshoes — N.ZEALAND: — Cryptogon  AFRICA: Liberia —  LEBANON: — Almanar (Hizbollah) LIBYA: Mathaba
SYRIA NEWS:  SyrianGirlSyrianPerspectiveAl MasdarFarsi NewsSana Syria NewsSyr Free PressDailyFindsHandsoffSyria
THAI: Alt Thai News
TV NEWS: — LiveLeakSunny SkiesOddity CentralWNVIMEOBrassCheckTV  — BillStillSouthFront —  Dahboo77
SPECIAL INTEREST:IntellDesign CHRISTIAN: — STARSwordBirdflu BuergermeisterJ.PerloffDancingGenesisMakow8INTJames JPBreakDeceptionDave HodgesConservaSteve.QuayleVerac.VoiceMcMillionAudioMillenniumReportEndtimesMamaSimpleTruth4Today
COMPUTER: Hack10ArstechnicaReactosTechRepublicPrivacyRegister
ALT. SEARCH:  StartpageIXQuickDuckDuckGoBlekko

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