Pertinent Top Alternative headlines July 2016 Hillary & Comey Scandals


It Would Take Almost 14 Days Of Eyes Glued To The Television To Watch All The Feel-Good Hillary Clinton Ads

FULL CIRCLE: BLM AND THE GLOBAL POLICE FORCE; BLM Leader Meets with Obama Ahead of Day of Rage

A Hillary Clinton presidency could end up letting Isis and al-Qaeda off the hook

YouTube deletes another video about Hillary’s lies!

Israel ‘tampered’ with French PM’s cellphone — report

Israeli intelligence services allegedly hacked into French Prime Minister Manuel Valls’s cellphone during a diplomatic visit to Jerusalem in May, a French news magazine reported Thursday. The report in L’Express claimed that Valls and his advisers were required by Israeli officials to turn over their cellphones and other electronic devices to security agents prior to a closed-door meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his Jerusalem office on May 23. Afterward, several members of the diplomatic delegation noticed their devices — several phones and a laptop — were not working correctly and showed signs of “tampering,” according to the report.

‘Chilling’: US-Backed Syrian Groups’ Human Rights Atrocities Exposed

James Comey and the FBI just LIED to the whole nation about Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Backs Monsanto: Claims that “To Be Anti-Monsanto” Is to Be “Pro Global-Warming”

Norman Baker “Yes Tony Blair Is A War Criminal & Impeachment Proceedings Should Be Considered!”

NSA Whistleblower: Clinton Emails Damaged U.S. National Security Much More than Manning, Assange Or Any Other Whistleblower

FBI Source: Clinton Foundation Can Bring Down Entire Government

The Iraq War Was An Act Of Military Aggression Launched On A False Pretext


1 Good Guy With a Gun — Stops a mass shooting in progress.

An “angry American,” “patriot” and “fighter,” wrote he is in touch with many men who want to do something but don’t know what. Do we have any ideas? Roger is like the man who asked how much does the yacht cost and was told, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”
Individuals must take the initiative. That’s what the enemy is most afraid of. “There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative if it has genius behind it. We must so direct the education of communities of the goyim that whenever they come upon a matter requiring personal initiative they may drop their hands in despair.” We must learn to think and act as individuals again. People only do what they “own” i.e. conceive themselves (unless they are paid or propagandized by paid agents.) — Henry Makow.


Gorka: Hillary Could Be Blackmailed By Anybody

Outrage As ICC Claims Blair Won’t Go On Trial For War Crimes

The long awaited Chilcot report on the UK’s role in the Iraq war is due to be released on Wednesday after seven years of preparation.

Hillary is a puppet for the insidious agendas of Monsanto, Big Pharma, eugenics and forced vaccination

China Is Able to Deploy Up to 10000 Troops in the Middle East

Now “Ruthless” Putin to send Russia’s largest warship to Syria to finally annihilate ISIS


The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 laid down a US unipolar geo-strategy and toxic, financial globalization, that sowed monstrous inequality at the local/regional/global levels. This was harnessed by mass unemployment and suffocating austerity.

Half a century after dangerous period of deregulation under Thatcher and 27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Brexit marks the start of a sorrowful route to de-globalization [1]. This involves geostrategic changes that emphasize the dynamic trend of multi-polarity.

Brexit shifts a geostrategic plate and this will have serious consequences for the new global order, now defined as having three poles, with the US, Russia and China occupying one each.


Already set to be the “largest military aid package” the US has ever offered to a single country in history, the Obama Administration has written a lengthy letter to US Senators today, informing them of intentions to “substantially sweeten” the already record offer in an attempt to try to get the Israelis to sign on the dotted line.

A $30 billion, 10-year aid package is due to expire, and the new package has been rumored to be in the realm of $37.5 billion, with talk it might go to as high as $40 billion as the Netanyahu government continues to resist signing it.

Judge Jeanine – Clinton Won’t Be Indicted = WW3!

That means World War 3 is garantueed! IF we — all the people in the world — don’t protest against Hillary Clinton, we are guilty of WW3 by silence!

Orlando — Huh? What was the shooter doing for most of the three hours he was inside the club?

I cannot seem to understand, no matter how many articles and news reports I consume, what took place for most of the time that terror reigned at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. As far as I can tell, Omar Mateen entered the club after an initial exchange of fire with a security guard. With a semiautomatic rifle and pistol, Mateen methodically shot scores of people over the course of just minutes, at times weeding through bodies on the floor to finish off those he had wounded. He then entered bathrooms and, with a few exceptions, remained there for nearly three hours, while a large cluster of men and women were packed into just several stalls, hiding from him. He occasionally shot through the stall doors. He presumably could have shot open the door, and killed everyone inside, but did not, and some survived.

Alternative Media Activist Murdered By Police, Cover Up Emerges

John Lang, a Fresno, California alternative media activist who exposed corruption and illegal activity within the Fresno Police Department, was found stabbed to death inside his burnt down home days after predicting he would be killed by police in his area. The official cause of death was ruled as suicide.

FBI Reveal Secret Policy To Target Alternative Media Journalists


A London law firm says legal action’s been taken to stop Britain from leaving the EU

The Price Of Silver Explodes Past 20 Dollars An Ounce As The European Banking Crisis Deepens

By Michael Snyder |  Have you seen what the price of silver has been doing?  On Monday, it exploded past 20 dollars an ounce, and as I write this article it is sitting at $20.48.  Earlier today it actually surged above 21 dollars an ounce for a short time before moving back just a bit.  In

Peston Cuts Off WikiLeaks’ Assange Expose On Hillary

Britain – a colony of Israel

By Gilad Atzmon  “With Brexit, Israel Loses a Major Asset in the European Union,” Haaretz reports.  “Britain helped moderate and balance EU decisions about the peace process, blunt criticism and even harness the member states against anti-Israel moves at the UN; voices sympathetic to the Palestinian cause could now become more dominant.” The Israelis have …

WikiLeaks releases Clinton emails

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Will Not Prosecute Tony Blair, Others Are Planning To

July 03, 2016 By Felicity Arbuthnot “But then, once in a lifetime the longed for tidal wave of justice can rise up,and hope and history rhyme. Believe that a further shore is reachable from here. Believe in miracles.” (Seamus Heaney, 1939-2013, “The Cure at Troy.”) In an astonishing revelation, the Daily Telegraph has established that Prosecutors at the International Criminal …

International food safety standards are being negotiated in Rome – Codex Alimentarius

The pedophile industrial complex

The EU has been of great benefit to child traffickers and child pornography traders. Madeleine McCann discussion.  Gordon Brown.  David Cameron. Pedophile resorts in Portugal, Spain and France. Clement Freud lived near where MMc disappeared.  He’s now known to be a pedophile. Clement’s son ran a PR company next door. British politicians interfered in …

New California: Mandatory Vaccines & Total Gun Bans

California, a one-time bastion of freedom and opportunity, has been transformed through leftist policies and mass immigration into a communist hellhole with total gun bans and mandatory vaccines. Let this disaster serve as a lesson to the rest of us.

More Than 50 Million African Workers Are To Be Invited To Europe In A Far-reaching Secretive Migration Deal Years Ago And Now They Want To Send €62 Billion To Africa In Bid To Halt Migrant Influx


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