Dutch Ministry of “Justice?” Condemns Govt. Pedofilia Whistleblower Dankbaar to Prison

Translated from a Dutch correspondence report

JamesFiles DankbaarMr. Dankbaar has been a long time serious and careful researcher into cover-ups, and became first famous for his meticulous research into the J.F.Kennedy murder with proofs of multiple shooters. He was able to locate and identify the Grassy Knoll Shooter James Files who then confessed to the assassination and shooting the last bullet into the right temple of JFK. This was also published recently in English tabloids like the Daily Mail, without crediting Dankbaar though.

3a782-plot2bjfk2b72bdaysThe Government of the Netherlands has been severely handicapped by several pedophilia scandals reaching to the very top of the Ministry of Justice. Mr. Demmink its former head, who is accused of rape of a minor, a young Turkish boy, as well as other young boys, was recently exhonorated in a court case that appeared to be a white wash.

Even though Demmink is now retired, the Justice Department is still tainted by corruption among its authorities, to wit by the cover-up of the mysterious murder of a Frisian girl called Marian Vaatstra. As Dankbaar was able to sufficiently demonstrate in his book “The Vaatstra Plot”, she had actually been murdered by an Iraqi immigrant who was living in a nearby migrant center in Friesland, who already had threatened to kill her.VaatstraComplotBook

In light of the European Extreme Left’s Marxist immigration policies – like Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, and others of the Far Left – to destroy the indigenous Christian culture of all European countries in order to fit better into a One World Government, this Iraqi murder of an indigenous Frisian girl would of course have been super counter-productive to their agenda of systematically undermining European societies by massive influx of Middle Eastern and African immigration, by first allowing and fighting wars there and then pretending to care for and take in millions of their refugees.

And so, according to several witness reports, on the day after the murder the Iraqi murderer was spirited out of the country by the “Justice” Department to a Norway jail where he was first jailed and eventually let go! Then the murder was finally pinned on an indigenous Dutch patsy (NOT a migrant!), obviously made willing to take the rap under some kind of pressure, based on some DNA report which may have been fabricated.

The obvious reasons for this cover-up of the real murderer appear to be two-fold.

ONE: An Iraqi murderer of an indigenous Dutch girl would of course infuriate the Dutch people against migrants and already disliked migrant centers, plus reflect badly on the millions of migrants in Holland already. In view of recent Marxist Radical Leftist European policies like Merkel, to mongrelise the original European nations with as many migrants as they can muster with financial help from Soros, this crime was highly undesirable, and thus the real culprit had to be covered up!

TWO: There are strong suspicions that these or other migrants, as well as the Turkish government, have criminal evidence with which they have (The Baybasin affair!) or could potentially blackmail Dutch authorities and/or politicians, perhaps even members of the Royal Family! Thus the real crime had to be obfuscated and the real murderer replaced by a local patsy.

Most Dutch people were kept unaware of this criminal corruption scandal by thoroughly scripted complicit Media coverage, with the word from above of course being “mum!” Seeing that most Dutch are standard media domesticated sheep — especially the young — who pretty much implicitly trust the government (as the Danish!) because of cognitive dissonance refusing to suspect authorities of any white wash of dark pedofilia corruption, Dankbaar was fighting a continual uphill battle, and seemingly a losing one.

Although his book is available in quite a few bookshops, Dutch activists were not that zealous to get on board to push sales by actively promoting the book for justice, some fearing that “Dankbaar would profit from its sales!” Thus the wider public is still blissfully unawares of the real culprit of this horrible murder, and the high government corruption. Sadly not enough Dutch bloggers gave publicity to Dankbaar’s vital expose of corruption in high places and thorough courageous research, perhaps because of personal grievances and/or state planted disinformants!

Of course one could hardly expect the Dutch Media to give the book the needed exposure either, and so the entire fight for justice was handicapped from the get-go and possibly defeated. A sad example of a lack of unity failing to look past petty differences, whereas activists and bloggers could have collectively used this book to bell the corrupt fat cats and to rouse the Dutch conscience and raise strong opposition with possible political implications!

Alas, yet another democracy that bit the dust through complacency! I guess the Dutch got thoroughly disheartened a few years ago by the staged murder of presumptive prime minister Pim Fortuyn, a smart popular gay populist who could have perhaps turned the ship around. A murder reminiscent of those of Swedish PM Olof Palme, Swedish MP Lindt, and Austrian MP Juerg Heider. The Establishment does not brook any competition whether Left or Right that they cannot control! (Like Trump? Time will tell.)

Mr. Dankbaar is now sentenced to several months of jail, but appears to be going for an appeal. In the meantime the entire issue is obfuscated and the Netherlands is not anymore the “innocent” democracy and happy country we all know and love as it once was. Instead its government is corrupted by as much blackmail of politicians and authorities as in Belgium with the Dutroux affair and subsequent white wash (inspite of millions protesting in the streets), the UK with the soft soaping of the Savile- plus other pedophile BBC affairs identical to other evil infiltrations and subversions in many other countries around the globe with similar tactics.

Pray for Holland, a country that was once a prime leader of the blessed Reformation that gave us the Enlightenment from Papal darkness and Renaissance in Europe, with luminaries like Erasmus for example, who like Luther really used to kick some spiritual ass once upon a time. Meanwhile the poor Dutch are led down a Luciferian daisy path of media-induced propaganda leading to gross nihilism, materialism, and simplistic hedonism, such as would even make Plato roll over in his grave.



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