Extra Judicial Police Murders a Definite Policy! & NO DOUBT to drive HILLARY from the FRONT pages! FALSE FLAG??

masonipoliceshootingsJust like the TSA intimidation, and other Federal “Law enforcement”agencies, the police is allowed to get away with it. You can see it from that video. This couple were no law breakers! But no wonder! The Masonic police authorities allowed many of their forces to be trained by Israel to treat Americans like Palestinians! Kill first, talk later! As if Americans are all criminals. Extra Judicial Killings by US Police are also designed to create racial division and civil wars, to bury America by its globalist rulers! Like KILLARY!And perhaps that is the entire reason for these killings and strife to cover up the Hillary scandals and drive it from the front pages!

ALERT! Mass protests planned july 16th demanding Hillary Clinton be charged!

USraelWell, perhaps the Evangelical roosters are coming home. They worshipped Israel instead of Jesus as the “chosen people’, and now they are being treated like Paestinians in their own nation and being  buried by them! Now they can find out how it feels like! Of course they began with Black people to stir up hate race and more division. So they will be buried by race riots when the trouble really hits!

America is being financially buried with the economic crash and robbery like the multi billion “defense” budget, the biggest ever, to help the “chosen people” defend itself from all the ISIS attacks that are not happening because Israel and the USA created ISIS and direct it to destroy Israel’s enemies.

The only way America could ever survive, is by returning to their real Saviour Jesus Christ and praying that he will do a miracle. But that repentance is not forth coming, as America has turned into the most vicious Antichrist nation on the face of the Earth, just judging by their horrendous warmongering of the last hundred years! The war murder and mayhem chickens are coming home to roost! To Babylon the whore, once the Bride of Christ!

babylonwhore-smallPhilando Castile’s sobbing girlfriend exposes how cops treated her and 4-year-old like criminals

Diamond Reynolds, the woman who streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend’s shooting death at the hands of Minnesota police live on Facebook, said Philando Castile lay dying in the car and no one came to his aid, according to a testimony on Facebook Live.

Reynolds said she posted the video so people would see what happened. She said Castile worked for St. Paul public schools and had just gotten his hair done for his upcoming birthday. The couple had been grocery shopping when they were stopped by an officer for a broken tail light.

Reynolds said Castile was reaching for his wallet to get his identification, as the officer had asked. She also said Castile told the officer he was carrying a gun, which he was licensed to have. She said the officer opened fire on him even though he was not threatening them.

She in turn sobbed and recounted what had happened, and talked about the need to unite to stop police officers from killing innocent people.

I have just watched this video, and it is, indeed, horrific. You cannot help but feel complete, maddening sympathy for the man who was assassinated by the police, this woman, and her daughter.

If, in fact, this lady’s testimony is true, (and it is very difficult to believe, after watching this video, that it is not), then the police who did this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But between this, and the assassination of an African American man by the police in Baton Rouge earlier this week, I have to wonder; has the word gone out to assassinate minorities to create race riots, which would give Obama the “justification” to suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and perhaps suspend the November elections, if internal White House polls show that Trump is poised to wipe the floor with Clinton?!?

I wouldn’t put it past this administration.



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