I’m no American Republicrat, but I DID like this song! “I think my dog is a democrat!”

This song made me laugh! Even though I dislike Americans for their putting up with all these globalist wars and genocide of innocent nations for decades organised by their hijacked regimes or juntas, they can still be humorous about their very own demise. Even though they are about to be hauled off to FEMA camps and Final Solution, or be shot on the streets either by the Masonic Israeli trained police gangsters, –because those Republican Evangelicals just LOVED Israel! — or kill or be killed by coming race riots and civil war, or bloody put-downs of a war-inspired martial law, etc…. many of them Christian Americans will go off singing to their beheadings, lynchings, and executions like the 80 million Christian gentile Russians did during their demise after the “Russian”Revolution, and the French elite did during the French Revolution, and the brave Armenians did during their Young “Turks?” revolution! Many of them will go off singing to their graves on the way to Heaven. And the atheist Democrats? Well they will die too! But not singing and perhaps not to Heaven, but may join their beloved Wall Street Elite in the Hell they created for themselves and for everybody else on Earth, where they join the bloodthirsty poor suppressing capitalists and warmongers like Lockheed and the Bankers of course. Because lets face it folks, life is short, and millions of us have died before, and so do the Elite finally. That is one thing none of us can escape after all, Death! But for them persecutors who love death, the after-life is not going to be pretty. But of course they don’t believe that until they wake up standing beside their dead bodies. So until then HAVE A GOOD LAUGH AT YOUR SELF! THERE ARE THINGS WORSE THAN DEATH!

By the way… IF you are a so-called flagwaving republicrat or a death defying atheist democian, but you are not sure anymore whether you can face death all alone without any faith, then put your faith now in Someone who also died like us, but did so to save the entire world from Hell, because he didn’t HAVE to die! But HE offered up himself as a sacrifice for our sins, and guess what… HE LOVES YOU ANYWAY! Wether you are a Republican, an Israel worshipper, a deceived Democrat, or a damned cultural Marxist… He would love to save you too! Just tell Him: Dear Jesus! I am after all a filthy self righteous sinner, please forgive me and come into my heart and give me your free gift of Eternal Life and resuccrection from the dead when you return. In Jesus name I pray! I love you! Amen.



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