Voices of truth & reason America ignored time & again & the False Picture by Ben Garrison

Lindbergh was warning Americans not to enter World War 2, and accused Roosevelt of slipping in under cover a secret War Agenda. Lindbergh was proven to be right and millions of people died as a result of Zionist warmongering. Listen to his speech in des Moines of 1941, and how the Communists (“Democrats”) roared in protest at his speech. Why? Because WARS are an integral part of the Marxist tactics to take over of the world. Is it any different today? No! Both Killary Clinton & Donald Trump are ready to go to war, in the Middle East, where they are not welcome, have NO business, and are not asked to intervene! That is why the World will have to go through another World War, because of the stupid Americans throwing their unsavoury weight around again and again!

And before the war Father McLoughling was warning millions of Americans for the same thing, until the already then compromised Vatican reined him in, forcing him to retire and shut up! You can’t fight city hall! If only Americans had listened to Lindbergh and Coughling. But it is water under the bridge of course, and we are sitting at the foot of the Tree of Good and Evil, plucking its remaining –mostly evil — fruits until this generation will die off as well. “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.!” A sad story! Jeremiah 8:20 (KJV)


The Over Enthousiastic False Picture by Ben Garrison!

US-Cartoon-sleeping_giant-640x454-1This is such a wishful-thinking false picture of America by Ben Garrison. I fully understand what he is trying to say, but it is not an accurate picture whatsoever. The Americans on the whole are not like this “waking up” at all! They are armed allright, and frustrated, but this so-called waking part is only a small part of the American populace, and even these are heavily mediatised and “brainwashed by their news media.

And then the other half not represented in the picture at all, are all the socalled “liberal progressives” who suffer from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ that makes them enjoy their chains of comformity, their slavery to the Bankers and corporations, and their Cultural Marxist programming and training which destroyed Russia and Eastern Europe once already, Common Core, Agenda 21, while cheering on the Global Warmistas!

These ignoramuses are of course the Millennials who were raised and trained by Socialist Marxist teachers, and believe me, they are not going to go away! They are waiting for the other half to die of old age! Ha! And they believe they will enter a Marxist heaven on Earth only to wake up in chains or even dead, as cannon fodder on the Middle Eastern desert floor due to the draft.

But they believe in over-population so they will be willing dupes, ready to die for their Wall Street masters who will mock and laugh at them all the way to their Banks! What a tragic story of this present generation. Many seem to have to learn the hard way. Do you? If you don’t want to, turn to Jesus and beg him to take the scales of your blinded eyes to get free salvation and a new heart and mindset. We implore you to consider it, even though your contemporaries piss on it. Only one life! ‘T will soon be past! Only what is done for Christ…. will last! Don’t be a dummy. Pluck the day of Salvation!


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